A Contemporary Parable of Misguided Loyalty…

 And Jesus answered and said unto him, Get thee behind me, Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve. (Luke 4:8)

First of all I want to say, that when we get to heaven, no one is going stand there with pristine and shiny armor. By the time we arrive, the true Christian’s “complete armor” will be battered, dented and stained, perhaps even caved in in places. This is because it will be “through many tribulations” that we will reach the Kingdom of Heaven.

All of us will be tested in the wilderness of God’s choosing.

I Know of a man in Christ who underwent two severe loyalty tests in his pilgrimage.

Shortly after his true conversion He was given a 12 pack of Kenneth Hagin Cassette tapes.

He listened to them and got completely hooked on Hagin, then Copeland, then Jerry Savelle, Norvel Hays and a host of other “Word Faith” Bible teachers.

He completely immersed himself in their (false) interpretations of the fall of man, the problem of sin, Righteousness and the work of Redemption. It was a whole system, which was very attractive to something in him.

He came to realize one day, the full extent of the error which they carefully laid alongside of truth to get people hooked. They were teaching that Believers could be “little gods”!

What should He do? He was now in a “:movement”, as were his friends and family. Yet He knew that that teaching (and others) amounted to blasphemy!

Should he be loyal to the “faith Movement” which he had immersed himself into, or should he be loyal to Christ?

He had to examine himself, to see what was it in his heart that attracted him to Teachers who exalted man, literally taught that Believers were little gods, and who told others that “God’s Creative Power will work for you” if you just learn the laws of faith.

He had to repent deeply. Why would He want to be exalted, how could He allow himself to be so seduced into power, fame or glory of man? It really hurt, but it was the good kind of hurt.

Many years later, He was exposed to another teacher, a seemingly orthodox preacher. He was man who spoke powerfully against false prophets and false revival movements, He was bold, funny, intense and had a lot of insights into scripture most had never seen before. He spoke Hebrew, and Greek also and seemed to be a treasure of knowledge.

There was a little issue ( so it seemed) and that was that this man was angry. You could say, He was strifeful. In his teaching, He would call people idiots, buffoons and religious politicians, as He railed against their false doctrine.

But for the sake of his special and deep insights, and for the fact that He, like few others, had no problem calling out the false prophets and fake pastors who have bedeviled the church, His anger and railing at others were overlooked.

Eventually this man got into several public strifes with women, in which his invective was so intense, it seemed obvious that He had a problem; He was a misogynist. He would bully women whom he considered his enemies or who opposed them. He would threaten and cajole them, and in some cases He would mock them. Many were afraid of Him.

But this toxic teacher’s congregation ignored all of that, after all who else speaks Hebrew? Who else has the courage to ‘have a go’ at the false prophets? This man was considered by those who followed him, as being too vital to hearken to the mounting cries of those bullied by his bitter spite. They would just say, “He has right doctrine” and that was enough.

Is doctrine all that counts? *( If so, the Metatrone teaching cancels out the so called “right doctrine) Doesn’t character matter?

Who are you to be loyal to? How far does a supposed teacher have to go into ethical excess before you will recognize that you are being tested? Shouldn’t you be loyal to the Truth?

What do you have to say Marco Quintana, Sergio Marianas, David Lister and others?

  • *( If so, the Metatrone teaching cancels out the so called “right doctrine”)
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9 Responses to A Contemporary Parable of Misguided Loyalty…

  1. Grant Muir says:

    Once upon a time, I looked-up to two advocates of the Gospel (Good news) of Jesus Christ (The Messiah); both came from a Roman Catholic background, both had transformations in Christ. One overcame his overly sensitive conscience, one overcame addiction and ‘going with the crowd. One had a great relationship with his earthly father and mother, the other didn’t… Both came to love and defend the Truth!
    I have gleaned amazing wisdom from both of your ministries. Remember, ‘there must be heresies among us, to prove that which is true’ and ‘iron sharpens iron.’ You guys began this debate following David Nathan’s millenial reign of Christ’s blood-comment. We forget we ‘look through a glass darkly:’ we speculate and truly we have no idea what will happen during His reign. Straining at a Nat, and trying to avoid swallowing a Camel has left a stain on your love feast…
    Bill, you have the most sincere heart, and your ministry has encouraged me at very low points in my life.
    Jacob, your ministry has been invaluable; I had always looked at the scriptures with a ‘Western mind-set,’ but through listening to years of your ministry, have gleaned an understanding that God speaks to even the lowest of us in pictures as well. To be honest, I would advise against lambasting those in error; it really does take away from the valuable teachings you give: it becomes monotonous after a while.
    Bill, I’d like to point out that ‘The Metatron’ teaching had a precursor, given by Jacob, clearly in the beginning of his discourse, the purpose of which (…as an outreach…) was to point out that the concept of God having a Son is not a foreign concept to the Jews; the Zohar literature is mystical in nature, with a lack of Authorship: Jacob in his introduction affirms this, and clearly lays out his purpose for referencing it.
    When I attended Elijah Ministries, in the days of P.J Contat, in Johannesburg, I witnessed a unity and fervency between you two that was second to none: what happened?
    The fields are ripe for harvest; there is a work to be done: get on with it!


    An avid follower of both of your nutritious teachings (…but who is very disappointed at this diversion…)

    • billrandles says:

      Thanks Grant… I am sure you speak for many. I often think of those beautiful and simple days at Elijah with fondness. But things have changed, and I am concerned. This isn’t about David Nathan, whom I consider a friend and am at peace with,(in spite of what I thought were some wrongheaded statements). Relegating my concerns to being a mere diversion, is disappointing to me. What If I am right, and this man whom we all thought we once knew has gone astray? Is it possible? What if He has bullied women, (in spite of his ‘insights’) ? Are you OK with it? If we don’t judge ourselves, the world will, and God’s cause will be discredited, because we were so enamored with this man’s ‘gifts’ we couldn’t bring ourselves to examine his fruit… PS Jacob has actually given public altar calls to the Metatrone and tried to find the term in the greek text of the New Testament… that is far more than merely trying to teach the Jews that there is a plurality in the godhead… Thanks for your comments brother…

      • Grant Muir says:

        I hear you Bill… the ‘diversion’ I was alluding to was Satan’s ploy to get us to focus on things other than, ‘the work at hand…’ You are right, ‘a tree shall be known by its fruit,’ and it already is… in fact, ‘the axe is already at the root…’ Do as you are moved to do in the Lord, but make sure it is the Lord moving you; turning our stones into bread is not good… I complemented you on your ‘one verse retort’ because I thought it was wise to give a ‘one verse’ answer (leaving the impact on the reader in God’s hands)
        Never lose your integrity or consistency; the gifts and calling of God are without repentance: don’t lose yourself whilst trying to save others – God is able.

        P.S: This is a ‘public’ domain chat right? If you get a chance, drop me a mail, I’d love to chat in private.

        Fight the good fight, blessings in Jesus.


  2. Esther Hankinson says:

    Dear Pastor Bill Randles, it seems that you are still very hung up over your fractured relationship with Jacob. Only God knows what the truth is, and I don’t know who is right or wrong. All I know is that both of you seem to have gone off the boil since your fall out. I used to get a lot out of both of your ministries. Now, not so much. Maybe that is a fault on my part. Maybe I am not as spiritual these days. All I know is that we are in the middle of watching the beast system being set up, people are losing their jobs because of vaccine mandates, people coerced into getting these vaccines are being seriously harmed, some even are losing their very lives. I have no desire to hear about Jacob’s foibles, or why you’re the righteous one in this situation, and he the culprit. That is of no benefit to me. What would really be of benefit to me and I imagine your other readers, is teaching to help us live and navigate our way through these evil times.

    • billrandles says:

      Dear Esther, what if I am not “hung up”? What if I am seriously concerned for the Body of Christ, and want to alert people to a situation that has gone bad? Relegating my deep concerns to merely a little spat between Jacob and I , is merely a way to shut your ears and to avoid the responsibility I believe God is calling us to…this isn’t about Jacob’
      s foibles or whether or not I am “in the right”, this is about the Glory of God and His cause.

  3. bryan Johnston says:

    Our ONLY Teacher should be Holy Spirit, who Christ entrusted to continue the Work that He began, up to and including His Ascension. Overlooking HIS statements, instructions and Doctrine is the PRIMARY error that leads to listening to, then believing, other (mere mortal) teachers, who have unwisely built their “House” on “sand,” NOT the Solid Rock of Christ, His Teachings, plus OBEDIENCE to them 24/7 (See the Parable of the “Wise and foolish Builders” in Matthew 7.) The “Storms of Life” will reveal the true from the false teachers, if their lifestyles are closely observed, for “BY THEIR FRUITS YOU SHALL KNOW THEM.” Shalom/God bless+++

  4. John Hayworth says:

    If a teacher’s ministry has been founded upon a lie, then the whole of their ministry has been, and continues to be, contaminated with that lie.

    Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee. (Revelation 3:9)

  5. Chad Angle says:

    Grant, Great post. I agree.

  6. scribalwell says:

    “They would just say, “He has right doctrine” and that was enough..Who are you to be loyal to? How far does a supposed teacher have to go into ethical excess before you will recognize that you are being tested? Shouldn’t you be loyal to the Truth?” In defense of Biblical truth, I find this scenario repeated over and over again. Truth is more than orthodox doctrine. Truth is character compatible to Biblical qualities. “Ethical excess” is just as much error as unBiblical belief systems. Loyalty so often sacrifices truth, in both doctrine, and character.
    ‘Right doctrine’ so many times trips people up in discerning error on other areas.
    Thank you Bill for clarifying this.

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