Dear Moriel- How Do You Stand By This?

And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues. Revelation 18:4

Dear Moriel People, I have a question for you… How is it that you stand by silently as Jacob Prasch openly slimes honorable people such as Sally Richardson, Jan Markell, and recently, Jackie Alnor ( as well as her late husband,Bill Alnor) ?

Do you have a conscience? How do you stand by idly as such blatant false and injurious witness is borne against people who truly serve the LORD? Jacob lashed out against the Alnor’s in revenge for Jackie’s, very moderate and even respectful five part account of her Moriel memories.

I couldn’t believe how low Jacob went, making false and vile assertions against the Alnor’s marriage, implying all manner of sin on the part of both of them, and intentionally seeking to hurt both of them. Will you stand by and lend your support to Moriel?

How could you? Look at the scripture I opened with, and realize that to do so is to participate in Jacob’s sins and the judgment that is coming upon Moriel. I urge you to repudiate Jacob’s vile attacks on Jackie and Bill, and on the other women he has outraged by his cruel invective.

Jackie and Bill Alnor are servants of God, who dedicated their lives to the defense and confirmation of the gospel. They did so with class and through excellent gifts of writing, it is incomprehensible that so many who follow Jacob Prasch give him a pass on this outrage against their marriage.

I am praying that John Haller, Marco Quintana, David Lister and all of the other Morielites will repent and turn from participation in this pathetic spectacle, before the Holy God brings judgment.

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14 Responses to Dear Moriel- How Do You Stand By This?

  1. Mark Robins says:

    This was another level of error that I didn’t see through, and I certainly had a smattering of cognitive dissonance as the truth started to come out. I should have seen that he didn’t meet the qualifications of 1 Cor 13. I won’t make that mistake again.
    God bless you Bill.

  2. Erin MacLellan (Veruka psalm40verse2 on YouTube) says:

    Pastor Bill, ever since I saw Jacob descending into sin through his attacks on you, I stopped posting his material on my YouTube channel. It’s been years since I posted anything of his, however my channel is full of his old teaching videos. I left them up because I learned so much about how to read the Bible from these lectures and I wanted other people to benefit from them as I had. Now I’m wondering if I should keep those videos up. Please respond and tell me what you think about this issue. Should I take all his videos down?

    • billrandles says:

      Erin I am torn, like you because I too loved those original teachings. But as you know once people are drawn in, they seek more and more and could end up being offended by Jacob’s current persona…

  3. GJ says:

    You don’t need more noise… but does this apply with this or any of the other madness we’re experiencing? I finally posted it.


    What is governing and the governed… what creates and validates the contract, the agreement, between the two?

    To govern, one has to act under, and with, authority… and it’s only valid, or has the intended impact, if the governed respect and honor the authority of the governing.

    What creates authority that’s constructive… what makes it destructive?

  4. Kate Diamond says:

    How pathetic of you grown men, supposed servants of God. I say You Repent as you are no better , For all Jacob Prasch’s faults he is a great teacher of scripture ,we are all Sinners on a Journey let the Lord do the final Judging of His people. We should be on our knees in Prayer for our brothers & sisters.

    • Kristin says:

      Dear Kate,
      I understand where you are coming from, I too once was blessed by Jacob. As a very close friend to him and our families and our church, we have walked together for many years. We too were enamored with his brilliance and capacity to teach the Bible but standing here today and looking over the untold damage he has done, not only to his own family but to the whole body of Christ whom our loyalty lies thus we have had to take this stance. . He has been abusive not only to us personally but to a countless numbers of friends and ministries we know. There has been a consistent trail of damage that he alone has done and must be brought to account for. This is our responsibility to uphold truth in the body of Christ. It is easy to stand back and make judgement and criticize my husband, yet you have no idea what you are saying. I do not fault you for that but I care enough for you to tell you that you have no idea, nor do you understand what you are saying and in light of what is at stake here. It is not just the lies he has thrown about and his insults and all the injuries he has caused, it is – his soul – that we are concerned for and truly mourn for! You do not know what you are saying but you will eventually find out because the truth always prevails. This has not been an easy task for any of us involved. His vile and cruel vitriol and his constant distortion of every narrative, is dangerous. To us? No, to him! Jacob promotes distortion of the character of godly people and hides behind this smoke screen of lies. . If you really have ears to hear, listen closely to all that my husband has ever said and all he has written to Jacob and Moriel… it has been with godly desire to see Jacob and his ministry to please repent, for their many sins. This is no personal vendetta nor an enjoyable task and has been with the utmost love and concern for all involved. It is with godly sorrow we bring to light all of the dark things he has done, his lies are too many to list here, and yes we have all sinned and we all fall short of the glory of God but, how important it is that we bow down to God and humble ourselves and repent if we have sinned! We cannot keep going on in sin we must keep going on in godliness. We know that our soul will be required of us from our Heavenly Father soon someday, and this is what concerns us about our brother – who once was a friend but, Bitterness has him in it’s evil clutches thus we can no longer abide his tirades and terrible witness as well as his attacks on the body of Christ. Most he has attacked are women but men, churches, and any ministry that disagrees with him or dare stand up against him. There are countless witnesses of his victims, and all can be verified. Please know this is serious and this is not some little tit for tat, and as long as he insist on bullying and lying, bearing false witness now exposed for his production of slanderous video’s using false and fake websites, this is darkness brought into the light. Please pray for all of us.

    • Sis Kate…
      We are told in scripture to contend for the faith and expose those teaching falsely and heretically. Paul did exactly that. I see Pastor Randles doing likewise.

      Many so-called teachers, evangelists and the like, have turned from the truth. The devil himself, used the Word of God mixed with lies, to tempt even Jesus.

      II Peter is a wonderful, explicative narration, outlining God’s truth, with those coming and already here, perverting God’s holy Word among us.


  5. Deborah L Kern says:

    Bill, I’m in agreement with you. Since the David Nathan fiasco, I am unable to finish a Jacob Prasch video. I’ve really tried over the past few years, hoping he would humble himself and sincerely apologize to those he slanders as well as to the whole body of Christ. But all he seems to be doing is trying to remake himself with different settings and video titles. I’m not impressed. It is heartbreaking that John Haller and Marco Quintana give him a platform. John Haller is dear to my heart. My thinking is he is loyal to the friendship, but there is a limit. Jacob should step away from ministry. These two men should confront him to do so and support him if he truly repents.
    I appreciate your ministry, your biblical insights have truly helped me increase my faith in the Lord. Blessings

  6. sisterevelyn says:

    A reminder for us all………
    A servant is not greater than his master. Nor is the messenger more important than the one who sends him. You know these things – now do them! That is the path of blessing.
    John 13:16
    ‘The Living Bible’

  7. Anthea Ring says:

    I am wondering if he is ill ?? Has he got dementia ?? Just thoughts …

    • sisterevelyn says:

      Anthea, I have wondered along similar lines, particularly about perspective and Asperger which is on the Autistic spectrum. One can be a high achiever, certainly many are gifted but they lack empathy and balance having poor management skills in that area. Their boundaries are not stable, some are easily led. It is sad; never the less they know right and wrong but it is not so clear for them. Their anchor seems to drift due to the particular orbit they are in. The people around Jacob should be seeking The Lord for wisdom for his sake. Propping things up is not ever an answer, and never in The Lords work.
      2 Samuel 6:5-7

  8. Grant Muir says:

    Mat.15:13 He replied, “Every plant that my heavenly Father did not plant will be pulled up by the roots.
    14 Leave them alone. They are blind guides of the blind. If one blind person leads another blind person, both will fall into a ditch.”

    …emphasis on the, “Leave them alone,” statement… Wisdom is known by her children; time will tell…

  9. 1blandina says:

    I stumbled upon this by chance. I was talking about Iowa with someone and remembered this place and paid a visit and saw this post. Later that night I went back online and had an urge to open a site link that I had not in a long time due to no new content. But there was new content, and it was about the same subject matter. Coincidence? The site is called, he has a site with a blog and videos regarding discernment. Well the latest blog and two of the newer videos discuss the same subject matter as this post does, and it’s different information. There is now a criminal investigation regarding some of JP’s actions. I have never listened to his teachings, but this has happened before with other teachers that I had looked up to.
    We all probably know that navigating the discernment landscape can be a rocky and treacherous place. Long standing pillars sometimes do fall. It is a sad fact of the collateral damage caused to their ‘followers’ who hung on their every word. It is a good time to put out a warning about not idolizing any man, even once good Bible teachers. The truth will never fall, even though man may. We must guard ourselves so that we do not go scampering down the same path as they have done. There are some very dire warnings in Bible verses about leaders who go astray, the dangers and deceptions caused to many as a result.
    Just thought I’d chime in.
    God bless all on this site.

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