How Moriel’s Teaching is corrupting…

I have been recieving a steady stream of objections to my open letter to Moriel, from supporters of said ministry, arguing with me against my critique against Jacob’s false teaching on the Metatron. These people are confused, due to this teaching and perhaps due to their eagerness to defend Jacob at all costs, as well as due to Jacob’s refusal to just admit he has been wrong and to try and help God’s flock. He could have cleared this up years ago, and should have.

Every once in a while I publish good examples of this confusion, not for the sake of attacking Moriel ministries, as much as for clarification and warning to God’s flock of the dangers of this seriously flawed teaching, and my pastoral response to it.

I submit one such letter now, (Name omitted)

You know I hear lots of things that preachers teach that is error in my humble opinion. … Among the modern preacher it is my view that Jacob Prasch is doctrinally on the money and Jacob will let other know when he discerns error and he calls them out and rightfully so.

I have this feeling that some so called ‘men of God’ are angry with Jacob because of all the preachers he has called out for false doctrines. Concerning the Metatrone as taught by Jacob that the Metatrone is a Christophany, that is a manifestation or a type of Christ like say Melchizedek as an example. It is factual that many Jewish Christians are taught this.

One argument against Jacob’s teaching is the Metatrone is from the Kabbalah which is considered heretical, thus the criticism of Jacob. Many so called ‘men of God’ are quick to condemn far too often concerning anything that doesn’t jive with their view of Scripture. If I said that a Christophany appeared to many people of many different cultures, the narrow-minded types will jump all over this idea as heretical. I don’t think so, it is a view that can be proved in Scripture and can be disproved by Scripture according to one’s views but I will say that Jacob’s teaching on the subject is factual concerning what is taught to many Christian Jews, that is Jacob’s point, ‘it is taught’. True or untrue, it doesn’t matter to me as far as Jacob is concerned sincerely XXXXX

Here is my reply,

Dear xxxxx, thanks for the input, I appreciate all viewpoints, sincerely held.

As for Jacob, Yes he has had many insights, and his boldness in refuting false doctrine has been an inspiration in the past. I have been a friend and have even taught and traveled with Jacob, since the mid 1990’s till fairly recently. I know Jacob well.

But lets cut to the chase, as they say,

The Metatron he teaches, is a false doctrine.

There can be no Chistophany in the Kabbalah, and there is no Metatron in the New Testament, therefore it couldn’t be a “Christophany” as you claim. The Metatron is an occult concept, derived from an occult book, the Kabbalah and the Zohar, metaphysical treatments of scripture which are demonstrably antiChrist.. I find it sadly ironic that few warn against AntiChrist as much as Jacob, but then He presents an AntiChrist and gives him the attributes of Jesus. This is dangerous.

One other thing sir, you are not qualified to judge the motives of other preachers, and it looks like you are attributing the worst of motives to them simply because they disagree with Jacob.I don’t know your motive but you should think about that.

Your final statement is most concerning, I hope you simply misspoke, “True or untrue, it doesn’t matter to me as far as Jacob is concerned”.

As a matter of fact, Truth does matter, quite a bit. Truth from the pulpit, truth about how a person represents themselves, truth when speaking of fellow ministers and obviously, truth in doctrine matters supremely. For the Church, the body of Christ, Yours truly Pas Bill 2 Thessalonians 2:1-11

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2 Responses to How Moriel’s Teaching is corrupting…

  1. klaus says:

    I have listened to Jacob for years, over a decade at least. Bought many of his books and teachings. Jacob is quite wrong on the Metatron as you mention. The name Metatron is from the occult. Jacob has commercialized his preaching. He constantly tries to push his books and silences any criticism. Jacob needs to repent. His Biblical prophecy updates are nothing more than a rehashing of the worldly news events. Jacob once said a true man of God will direct you to the word of God. Jacob directs you to his books. I have a book, its called the Holy Bible. I only need the author of the Bible to teach me, the Holy Spirit.

  2. Truth matters above all opinions of men, no matter the height to which a man has risen in the church, when he goes astray he influences many who have been trusting his preaching, they trusted him to be telling the truth as it is in God’s word, and they may trust him now because of who he is.. His status.. But no, please, if you have a mind then use it, Jesus Himself warned about where you would end up if you follow a blind man, a person who has suddenly become blind to the Truth which is Christ the infallible Word. Please reconsider, Is it worth falling into a pit because of loyalty to a fallible person?
    We must be on guard, for the devil is a liar and a deceiver and he uses man to deceive man.

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