About Pastor Bill Randles

I am 51 years old and have served Believers in Grace fellowship since 1982. A non denominational Pentecostal church in Marion, Iowa. My wife and I started this church in our living room.

My wife’s name is Kristin and she has given me six awesome children, 2 daughters Dara, and Anna, and 4 sons, Samuel, Marcus, Ian and Ezra. My daughters are married and Dara our eldest, has 7 children and Anna has 3. (My secret plan to take over the world…shhhhhh!)

I have written four books, three of which are critiques of certain heretical trends within Pentecostalism. MAKING WAR IN THE HEAVENLIES… addresses the spiritual warfare error which emerged in the late eighties and early nineties. WEIGHED AND FOUND WANTING, puts the so called Toronto blessing in its true context, as a development of the Manifested Sons of God heresy, once denounced by the Assemblies of God, but now embraced. BEWARE THE NEW PROPHETS takes on the prophetic movement of Rick Joyner, Mike Bickle, Bob Jones, and Kim Clement among others. My last book, MENDING THE NETS is a commentary on the First Epistle of John.

Our church has a website which features a lot of my articles and in audio and video, many of my sermons. http://www.believersingrace.com

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  1. Jim says:

    Thanks for your post on “false freedom.” It’s nice to see someone trying to make sense of what is increasingly becoming an inconceivable world. Thank you again. This post really made an impression on me and I’m very happy that I had the opportunity to read it. In closing I want you to know that I linked to your page through freerepublic.com


  2. Dear pastor Bill, greetings in Jesus wonderfull name.It’s a long time since we have been in contact. We remember you
    well and the sweet fellowship we enjoyed when you visited us here in East London ( South Africa. ) We would like to
    purchase some of your books again. Check out our web site, for your information, we are busy preparing a on line store
    and would love to have your books available, if this has your approval. Looking forward to your response, I have mislaid
    your e-mail address thus contacting you through this web site.
    The Lord richly bless you. Peter Michell (East London Assembly. South Africa )

  3. Great to see your getting into blogs will bookmark this site.

    I would love to meet you in person one day if the lord wills


  4. Gina Nestor says:

    Hello Pastor Bill. Thank you for your sermons, blogs, radio spots. I first heard you on Jan Markell’s show speaking about the word faith heresy and Todd Bentley. That show was such a blessing for many of us here in western PA where these new prophets have infiltrated most of our once Bible believing churches. Thank you for your books and CDs and your website. I’m sharing your sermons with all those who still love the Truth. Your ministry is reaching many here. I pray for you daily. May God continue to richly bless you and continue to grant you boldness as you speak the truth in love.

    • billrandles says:

      God bless you Gina, your comments are so welcome and so is your friendship- If you are ever out Iowa way drop in and worship with us at Believers in Grace Fellowship- Grace and peace-Pas Bill

  5. psongjh says:

    Pastor Bill, I just reorganized my blog at http://blog.biblethumper.org . I noticed that there are some useful WordPress plugins that you could install to make your blog look better, such as RefTagger which pops up Bible verses when you simply quote the verse – I’ll show you how when I see you later.

  6. you can embed blogspot on to a website using java script and css code.

    You can embed whole websites even.

  7. Gina Nestor says:

    Was praying this morning in the Spirit and was suddenly impressed to lift you up before the Lord that He grant you all boldness as you preach the truth in love – grace seasoned with salt – and that the Lord would protect you, your family and your church.

  8. Happy New Year Bill

    Did you get my study on the Mechanics of the Godhead it has been finished please feel free to take a look.


  9. audra says:

    i just wanted to say that you have been a blessing in my family and in my life and want to thank you for all that i learned from you and your church.

  10. Hi Bill

    I hope you are well, feel free to call me if your in the UK at time.

    I found some code you can add to any blog site any bible verse you type will on a mouse roll over it will add a popup box with scripture automatically this is free at no cost you can add it to any web page Moriel uses this also.


    RefTagger supports all of the Bible book names and their standard abbreviations. It will recognize and tag books with only one chapter whether you cite them with or without the chapter number (e.g., Jude 9 or Jude 1:9).

    It also handles multiple verses in a row (e.g., John 3:16-18, 22; 4:2-4), portions of verses (e.g., Ps. 1:1a; 1 Cor. 15:28c), and verses through the use of the f or ff abbreviations (e.g., Gen 3:15f; Job 2:1ff), and recognizes many other common abbreviations and formats (e.g., Lk 2:1; cf. 4:4; Gal 3:3; cf. vv. 8-10; Eph 3:1 and 4:2). Whether you use a hyphen (-) or an en dash (–), RefTagger will correctly recognize and tag your Bible references (e.g., Rom 5:1-10; Eph 2:8–9).

  11. England:

    Don’t be ‘April-fooled’ by Todd Bentley.

    On the day that Australia is about to be hit by the huge and destructive Cyclone Yasi comes news of an equally spiritually damaging destructive force about to be unleashed upon England in April 2011. On his ‘twitter’ page Todd Bentley has posted the following –

    Just Confirmed. England is on For April about 14 hours ago via Twitterrific

    Excited about Our Return to England and the Uk this April. Hope we can connect with all Europeans friends and partners. about 13 hours ago via Twitterrific

    This is truly horrific news for the cause of Christ in England as this totally discredited charlatan revels in the news of coming to England – something he actually had to cancel back in 2008/9 when he committed adultery and subsequently divorced his wife – in the midst of a supposed so-called Holy Ghost Revival in Florida!
    To arm yourself to be able to warn others about this ungodly deceiver I will now list various articles written at the time of the goings-on in Florida and just after, and my prayer is that the Lord will reign supreme and graciously and mercifully prevent any repetition of the dishonour brought in the past to His name by Todd Bentley.


  12. David Foote says:

    I have read with interest some of your messages/comments on FreeRepublic. It then came as no surprise to me that one young man under your ministry took a courageous stand and would not wrestle that girl. As a pastor of a small Baptist church and one who wrestled for 3 years while in high school, I probably have a good idea of what all went into his choice…I greatly applaud it and congratulate you for having such a good influence in his life.

  13. Mike says:

    Esau/Edomites flooded into what is now Jerusalem (along with Canaanites and others) while Judah (tribes of Judah & Benjamin) was in Babylonian captivity. When the Israelite-Judahites returned from Babylon (only about 40,000) along with many Babylonians, many of them intermarried with Edomites,Canaanites & Babylonians and these are what became Talmudic-Phariseeism. When Jesus came on the scene he had to confront this kabaal of God haters……..Today they are known as Sephardic Jews. They are not Arab.

  14. Jackie says:

    When I read “Why We Can Rejoice”, to a certain point, I agreed with your article concerning the idea we should celebrate that a cause of evil had been extinguished. But then when you said we are an evil nation and that you are surprised we aren’t punished with a 9/11 everyday, etc. and that in essence we deserved 9/11 and were being punished, you lost me. That type of thinking is, to the same the least, sad.

  15. Jackie says:

    We are a fallen people, but to cast all in sin for the sins of others, now, in this time, and not those individuals, sounds similar to collective salvation. I think of Pastor Hagee and his statement that when he answers to God he will answer for himself, not the United States. We answer for our individual sins when we meet our maker.

  16. kt says:

    I’d like to get your perspective on the route this country is taking with Gay marriage, the Casey Anthony verdict and Obama’s attempt to save convicted murderer/rapist Humberto Leal Garcia from execution. What can we do to save our country? We really need a revival!

  17. I’m much a mute reader, however this put up compelled me to data that unique alone of the proper posts I posit unravel.

  18. Karen says:

    Pastor Randles – I am sure you are aware of this news…(The AFA and Brannon Howse issue) but I would like to send you a couple of links and see if you are aware of any connections between the NAR/Domionist movement and the meeting of Theosophists with evangelical leaders in the 90’s as Constance Cumbey’s research has revealed…..Please see links below.

    1. “This radio network is upset with Brannon for speaking against the Religious Right and Evangelical leaders that have united with participants of the New Apostolic Reformation and the Word of Faith in Perry’s prayer event and in several other Christian conferences and projects.”
    link here: http://worldviewweekend.com/worldview-radio/episode.php?EpisodeID=19737

    2. ” Did Ernie Gruen Recant His ‘Aberrant Practices’ Document Regarding Kansas City Fellowship/Grace Ministries?”
    link here: http://notunlikelee.wordpress.com/2011/10/03/did-ernie-gruen-recant-his-%e2%80%98aberrant-practices%e2%80%99-document-regarding-kansas-city-fellowshipgrace-ministries/comment-page-1/#comment-3234

    link here: http://www.newswithviews.com/Cumbey/constance22.htm

    PS – Again, I really enjoyed your sermon on Sunday.


  19. miguel hayworth says:

    Hi Bill

    I was wondering if you had seen the DVD andrew gave you ???

    I have also a few things to send you regaurds to the LCJE,


  20. Kalu Eke says:


  21. Wayne says:

    You are very much appreciated for the excellent work you are doing Pastor Bill.
    There is far too much at stake here for you to go pussy footing around with the truth. Many people are going to hell falsely believing they are saved when they have really only allowed the doctrines of demons and seducing spirits the Bible warns us all about to seduce them into deception and apostasy. Genuine bible believing christians desperately need somebody prepared to speak the truth of HIS WORD fearlessly and with conviction. The wholesale apostasy running rampant throughout much of what might previously have been considered christianity requires that you also “name and shame” the imposters.

    • Adria says:

      “Many people are going to hell…” Wow. I thought that God was the judge. Also, I’m struggling to find Biblical support for “naming and shaming” fellow Christians who might be on a diverted path. Aren’t we supposed to build up one another in love? Aren’t our confrontations to be restorative?

      • billrandles says:

        Adria, thanks for writing me. When I warn that many are going to hell, I am merely echoing the Saviour, who warned us that “Borad is the road that leads to destruction and many there be which are on it…” . As for “Naming” people, should a shepherd not warn the flock?

  22. Adrian Graham says:

    Hi Bill, just wanted to say Hi from New Zealand and send our blessings and greetings for the new year. My wife Irene and I very much enjoyed your time of ministry in Palmerston North when you were out here and we have been fed with some great teaching from the series on Ephesians that a friend of ours gave us to listen to.
    We pray for you and want to encourage you in your future ministry to get the Word out there more and more so that the true church will be fed and the believers that are in fellowships where they are starving will be encouraged and uplifted and fed with the “meat” of the Word.
    As for me and my family, you are more than welcome to come back to NZ any time you can and hopefully spend some time with us.
    Blessings in Jesus’ name,
    Adrian Graham

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  27. Gina Nestor says:

    I really appreciate you blogs and your sermons. I download them from your website then share them with our Bible study. If I lived in Iowa, I’d be sitting in your pews every time the door opened. There is a famine in the land. It is not for bread or water, but for the word of the Lord. Thank you for your faithfulness in bringing forth His word. I pray for you and your flock daily even though I have never met you. You are a blessing to all of us here in our little Bible study.

    • billrandles says:

      Gina, God bless you sister, thank you for the timely encouragement, if you are ever in Iowa, you have a home away from hme, we will gladly take the time to fellowship- Grace,peace and Love-Pas Bill

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  81. graham klink says:

    Greetings in YESHUA past Bill I’m thankfull for THE LORD that I heard some of your teachings I got from dave royal.we fellowship monthly.I drive bout 2 hours to get to him as I stay in cape town and looking foward meeting you in december GOD willing I pray for you jkacob prash and others who took astand against this junk called gospel.love in CHRIST graham klink caope town south africa

  82. Lùlu says:

    Hi there Bill, it’s Lina from Sutherland Christian Fellowship. I was wondering if I could get copies of a couple of your books? Thanks.

  83. I am an active of christian God word of wisdom, everytime I heard the word of God, I feel enlighten everyday, thanks for sharing this one to us pastor.

  84. Amen to your pastor bill, may god be with you always.

  85. Brad Edwardes, Adelaide, Australia says:

    Really finding your commentary on Genesis 4 insightful, keep up the great work Bill.

  86. lorraine jakins says:

    Hi Bill, just an update on Bernard s heart condition. He is so much better since you annointed him with oil and prayed the pray of Faith for his healing here in south africa. Thank you so much for caring. Thank you for sharing the Word in SA it was so so great. Please continue to pray for my dau ghter Giselle and son in law Andrew. Thanks also for teachings in Genesis. Awesome. I did not see you on the second weekend at freds house as i missed his email. Nevertheless our Lord reigns. Love Lorraine and Bernard Jakins.

  87. Mathew Skelton says:

    Hi Pastor Bill, my name is Mathew Skelton i live in a place called the isle of man. we are a small island. in britain. i just firstly wanted to let you know that your sermons are a real blessing to listen to they relly challange me,to understand gods word better and i want to thank you for that. Its obvious you really love the truth of gods word.and that god speaks throught you powerfully. I was unable to come over to england to see you late last year when you were over. if i ever make it over to america i would like to visit your church, men of god like yourself preach the true gospel and it a true blessing to see people saved to christ and properly discipled through your ministry. All Christians need to be more bible based and discerning. in these last days. I hope to go and see you if you are in england again soon. me and my wife are praying for you and your family and fellowship at belivers in grace that god will continue to use you to bless the nations and america. with the great wisdom and biblical understanding god has given you through the holy spirit. and that you and your family conitnue in good health and many blessings for 2013. many blessings in christ our lord and saviour.

    God bless
    Mr Skelton

  88. Beth Cavete says:

    Your book Weighed and Found wanting was helpful for a friend of mine, who is coming out of the prophetic movement, needing clarity on things. Thanks for your boldness and work.

  89. Fay Dash says:

    Hi Bill, we heard you were coming to Australia again in February and that you would be coming to Melbourne, but when don’t know exactly when and where. Please let us know as we are truly blessed not only by what the Lord gives you to share but also by your Godly presence. I have told many Christians who are attending error churches of your stand for truth according to the Word, and they too have indicated that they would like to attend. Blessings to you and all your loved ones.

  90. Richard Smith says:

    Dear Pastor Bill Randles,

    If you want to know the direction our society is heading you might be interested in my novella ‘The Exit Machine’ written under the pen name of Leo Arland and published through Lulu Publications. Just Google these bibliographical details or visit

    So far it’s been used to challenge certain parties involved in the ‘New Age movement’ to think.

    I hope to release my creative exploration of the current Apostasy ‘Hoof Beats of the Apocalypse’ later this year.

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  94. Mathew Skelton says:

    Hi Pastor Bill,
    Thanks for all the new sermons on the believers in grace website i have learned so much from them,. i hope that the lord is keeping you and your family in good health and blessed. i always seem to miss you anytime you come to Britain. This is a fantastic blog and may you continue strong in the lord and preach the truth of his word, i pray that god will rise up people around you to keep you uplifted in the lord much like Moses needed in the battle with the Amalakites and he need the support to help keep his hands and staff lifted up to win the battle for the lord, may you get that kind of support in the years to come until the lords glorious return to continue in your great ministry.
    God Bless
    Mathew Skelton

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  96. Coleman says:

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    I actually totally agree with your blog. Thanks ,Carmine

  97. beth says:

    dear pastor bill…they cancelled WebTV back in sept…Michael and i have a pc now so we can get in touch more frequently. we’re doing okay and keep in touch with dan and brij E. Michael like to read thru the bible with good ole j. Vernon McGee and listen to American family radio with david jeremiah. my friend no longer has her basic bible prophecy chat room cuzz msn was being rotten and she has poor circulatory issues in her legs :( I spose that stuff comes with being over 70 yr. anyways just wanted to let you know we’re still alive and kicking down here in rock island. peace to you and yer house:) love beth and Michael xo’s

    • billrandles says:

      Hey Beth, God bless you, good to hear from you! You know we put all of our sermons on line- at believersingrace.com but you know sis, radion, TV and even internet is no substitute for goodole flesh and blood. Come on out and fellowship with us sometime? My daughter and her husband now lives in the Quad cities. Tell you what I will reserve a chair for you,Michal, and Dan and brigitte:>) Love Pas Bill

  98. TERRI QUEEN says:


  99. Paul Almstead says:

    Hello Pastor Bill. I am missionary in Thailand and friend of Scott Noble. I met your lovely wife and went with her and Scott and Kim to Burma. I am just writing to tell you I have some of your CDs of preaching and I love them. Babylon’s Last Supper and End of All Things and messages on prayer. I listen to them over and over again and they teach me a lot and help me to be closer to God. I know you are not interested in praise and compliments but I just wanted you to know youa re really doing God’s work. Amen.,God bless you and family.

  100. suez62 says:

    Hi, just found your site from a lady on a website I was on. Imagine my surprise when I found out you were in Iowa…LOL Sadly still to far for me to come to church though. I am in the Waterloo area, so that would be to far of a drive for this ole gal. Just browsing through your site, and so far so good. Do you know anyone in the Waterloo/Cedar Falls area, that has good pure teaching? I have looked and so far, nothing but New Age or Word of faith type Churches. It’s a sad area! Thanks and I will keep looking at your page here. In his service, Sue

    • suez62 says:

      P.S. I would love just some regular good Bible based fellowship with other woman or married couples, from my area also.. I just love to have dinner and talking about Jesus his word and what is going on in the world. Also if anyone even knows of a Home Church (church in a home)…around here, that would be fine also!!! I have been looking for so very long. thanks

    • billrandles says:

      Sue, come on down and see us, “the church thats alive is well worth the drive!”

  101. suez62 says:

    Yes, that would be nice. But, it is a double long drive, when you aren’t healthy…:( Plus gas is so expensive. Do you know anyone in my area? Thanks, for your response!

  102. Ulf Krause says:

    I have been following Lighthouse Trails for a number of years and found a link to your post ‘The spirit behind anti-semitism” (http://www.lighthousetrailsresearch.com/newsletters/2014/newsletter20140811.htm.)
    Your statement: “…Behind all of these incidents was the Serpent seeking to devour the seed! Thus, as we will elaborate in our next article, Anti-Semitism is Satanic!” has been confirmed to me some time ago, after reading the invetigations into Anti-Semitism carried out by a Jewish lady (Hannah Newman) over a time period of three years, resulting in 179 pages of detailed material of her discoveries, linking Jew-hatred to the Occult!!!! This hatred was channelled by various sprits to Helen Blavatsky in the 1870’s and led her to establish the Theosphical Society, then Ann Besant, Alice Bailey and now Barbara Marx Hubbard and many others, whose channelling spirits are quoted in their writings, describing the “the Externalisation of the Hierarchy”, the reason why the Jews (and lately those Christians who continue to believe “in separateness” (come out of her, My people) need to be exterminated!!! Why? Because they hinder the move to spiritual Oneness, the New Agers, Emergent Church et al are promoting and their perceived need to have peace on earth through a One-World Government, a One-World Economy and a One-World Religion.
    Here is the link: http://philologos.org/__eb-trs/naJ.htm (at the bottom of that page The Rainbow Swatika).
    I think you will find reading this research helpful. May God continue to keep you in His Truth,
    regards Ulf

  103. Waldo t.m. says:

    What a fraud, a charlatan … “You are healed” is what you taught the young woman with a hereditary disease some years ago. Healed from a hereditary disease that — left untreated — ultimately caused her to have a fucking stroke. Yeah, I said it — FUCKING STROKE. If you had a real conscience, you’d hang up the pastoring nonsense and really go to work for people in a role that might grant you some penance.

    • billrandles says:

      Hey Waldo, why don’t you step out of the shadows and tell me who you are. I tried to re write you on e-mail and it as returned to sender. I have no idea who you are talking about, I don’t tell anyone to not take their medicine or thatbtheyare healed and don’t need to continue treatment. Quit being a coward and tell me who you are and who you are speaking of!

  104. I’m reasonably sure I asked about this once before but I don’t seem to have your response at hand. Do you have any plans to make available an ebook version of “Making War in The Heavenlies”?

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