Charismatic Post Mortem…pt 1


Charismatic Leader Lou Engle Kissing the feet of a Catholic Priest

In the early 1960’s, there was a very profound revival which spread across the globe, among mainstream, nominal Christians, which came to be known as the Charismatic movement.

It is not the purpose of this article to debate the validity of this movement, for the author is fully aware that very early on, there was ecumenism, false teaching and outright compromise with Roman Catholicism, which has caused many to understandably discount the movement entirely as a Satanic counterfeit, and false revival.

Having said that I, I know for a fact that hundreds of thousands and perhaps millions, of nominal Christians, Atheists, and unbelievers, were suddenly faced with the reality of a personal salvation, based upon the blood of Jesus, and their lives were transformed in every scriptural sense.

To these millions, Jesus became real, “religion ” became vital and the Holy Spirit seemed to invade dead, formal and lifeless churches in a Sovereign way. People began to speak of JESUS, and pray in his name, and not “Christ” as they had before.Prayer became spontaneous, fervent and passionate.

The name ‘Charismatic’ refers to the ‘Charisma” , the “Graces”,i.e. gifts given to the church as outlined in Romans 12, I Corinthians 12, and Ephesians 4. There was a re-emphasis, for a brief time, on the endowment of the Holy Spirit, as in the book of Acts. Jesus said in Acts 1:8, “You shall receive power,’dunamos’ when the Holy Ghost comes upon you and you shall be my witnesses…”.

Worship took on an entirely higher dimension, congregations lifted their hands, and sang songs to Jesus, and the Father.Charismatics would weep and “sing in the spirit”( as in I Corinthians 14:14-15) in an un-coordinated , ethereal harmony of voices.

Unbelievers who came into Charismatic meetings may or may not have known what was going on around them, but I have heard this time and again, and even experienced it for myself, they knew that God was on the receiving end of those prayers and Psalms. As Paul said of the unbelievers visiting the church in I Corinthians,

And thus are the secrets of his heart made manifest; and so falling down on his face he will worship God, and report that God is in you of a truth.( I Cor 14:25)

The primary literature of the movement was the testimony book, such as “the Cross and The Switchblade”, “God’s Smuggler”, “They Speak With Other Togues” and “9:00 in the Morning”. I also remember reading the monthly Full Gospel Businessmen’s magazine, which was nothing but the testimonies of people from all walks of life who had been transformed by the power of the gospel, and the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

One of the beautiful things about the movement also was the Scripture song revival, Charismatics sang a lot of songs which were scriptures set to simple guitar chords, such as “Seek Ye First The Kingdom of God”, “As the Deer Panteth for the Water”, and “They Sang the Song of Moses”. There were dozens of these songs written and this was how we learned a lot of scripture!

I came to Jesus at the tail end of the movement, and have never seen anything like it since, it seemed in the ate 1970’s every where we turned, people were coming into the Kingdom of God. I remember walking into an Assembly of God church( The first non catholic church I ever visited) and hearing and seeing charismatic worship, people from all walks of life, lifting hands, adoring and worshipping Jesus, and singing to God in tongues and understanding. I had never seen or felt anything like it, and knew nothing about it, other than that God was real!

But also by then , the enemy had been sowing tares among the wheat, for from the beginning, Satan attacked the revival. Shortly after mainstream Protestant churches were reportedly coming to life, finding Jesus and the reality of the Holy Spirit, Notre Dame University chapel services were ‘visited’ by a counterfeit Pentecost. I say counterfeit because the earliest reports of were of worshippers giving utterances in tongues, of which the ‘interpretation’ was given by the virgin”Mary”!

Millions of Catholics read the Bible for the first time,(or paraphrases of it called “The Way”), and found the salvation of Jesus, and the reality of God, because of the Charismatic movement.What many of us observed right from the start, was that those Catholics who saw right away the contrast, and left the Roman system, tended to live and survive as Christians.

On the other hand those Catholics who stayed in the Roman Church, hoping through the Spirit, to change it, eventually died, for Babylon cannot be healed. In fact many Charismatic catholics became more Roman Catholic than even the standard catholics.

The Roman Catholic Church has had long experience in resisting the Holy Spirit. Rather than openly resist the Charismatic movement, the Catholic church embraced it, co-opted it and eventually smothered it.The Vatican set up a “dialogue”with Charismatic leaders, even appointing some of them as ‘delegates’ to vatican assemblies and conventions. Bob Mumford and David Deuplessis come to mind as those who allowed the Roman religious politicians to flatter and co-opt the movement.

From 1967 on, no charismatic gathering would be without the nuns, Priests, and even friars worshipping among the people and in some cases giving teachings and calling for “Unity”. The problem with “Unity” between the true and the false, is that only the false has anything to gain by it.Sooner or later the ‘good’ is bowing down before the ‘false’ as seen in the picture above.

We could speak of other very awful mixtures which came in early to the movement, such as the Word Faith, Kingdom Now heretics, who promoted themselves as teachers, the horrible “Toronto Blessing” ,Pensacola (Fake) Revival, which gave us the abominable Todd Bentley, The “Prophet” craze, and the mystical revival, all of these have contributed to the death of something which was sent as a gift from heaven to a secularized, world weary society.

Here is where it ends, as far as I a concerned. A “Charismatic leader” Kissing the feet of an agent of Rome. Rome still persecutes true Christianity! Rome has the blood of untold millions of precious children on her hands, and will still refuse to meet with her own victims! Rome is the purveyor of statue worship, Marian apparitions which are demonic, necromancy, and the denial of salvation by faith and grace alone!

Roman Popes have embraced literally every false religion, including the Dalai Lama, the Muslims(Popes are seen kissing the Koran), and Bhuddists. (Have you seen the Pope’s latest commercial advertisement?

Lou Engle, the current leader of “Azusa Redux” lay on the stage to be able to kiss a Priest’s feet!

Kissing the feet???? Really? Jesus never told his disciples to kiss anyone’s feet. Washing feet is one thing, but kissing them? That is an act of worship and deep humiliation in itself.

Let this be a sign and a wonder….flee Babylon! Get out of the Charismatic churches, they have gone astray, you will be worse off for going there, they hav died spiritually, and are blind guides, leading their followers into the ditch!

I have more to say about the Charismatic post mortem ahead…

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16 Responses to Charismatic Post Mortem…pt 1

  1. ali says:

    Thank you for sharing these powerful words of truth. Lord bless.


  2. What you have related here is exactly my experience too. The Lord saved me in 1964 mainly via a CofE curate who was newly saved and baptised in the Holy Spirit. My husband followed about three weeks later, and after a year or so we rejoiced at reports that Roman Catholics were being saved and baptised in the Spirit also. We fully expected that there would be a huge exodus from Rome – but alas, as time went by we realised that it wasn’t going to happen! I remember in 1981 ( I think) we were handing out warning tracts to Christians attending an ecumenical gathering in Brighton. It was all downhill for the Church from then on …. It’s only recently that I’ve realised that , looking back, we had been saved during a ‘revival’ , for people were getting saved all over the place and everyone seemed so receptive and open to the gospel.
    There was a time when you knew what the various denominations believed, and you therefore knew where they stood on the Bible and the gospel – alas that is no longer true. All of a sudden it became the fashionable thing to change the names of churches – ashamed of their heritage( and the gospel) perhaps?

    • Ladybear says:

      So agree with you Eileen, my experience is the same as yours. Everything seemed so pure and right back then with full emphasis on Jesus and the work of the
      Holy Spirit who moved gently, touching hearts and spirits from within prompted and supported by the Word of God. The current antics of people supposedly under the influence and empowerment of the Holy Spirit ie Toronto, screams, wrythings, animal noises etc would have been interpreted back then as a sign of demonic possession and treated as such. I have been bemused at where it all went so wrong but you set it out so clearly. I remember nuns attending a charismatic meeting, dancing before the Lord and proclaiming him as saviour. We accepted this as God doing such a work that salvation was coming to all denominations/religions because it was Gods work of salvation and not mans actions or design. My heart cries at what is happening now. New believers caught up innocently, not knowing any difference, lambs drinking hungrily of what is being preached to them. Its only because of the early teaching I received, foundation in the Word and my enduring relationship with Jesus and the Father that I can see the deception going on …well not exactly see but deep inside ‘know’ in my Spirit. I pray that God will not let these lies continue and babes be led astray. He loves them and I pray that somehow they will have a deep relationship with Jesus and Holy Spirit whereby although they may have little true knowledge of the Word of God, He will cause them to want to know truth, to see the lies and deception and He will call them away into truth and salvation and NOT into falling away.

      • Hi Ladybear, we were very fortunate ( by God’s grace) that our Curate warned us from the beginning to not accept the ‘supernatural’ as always being from God, he knew we were all capable of beng deceived. I think many Charismatics don’t believe that at all, so they don’t bother to check out stuff with the Bible, God’s true word.
        We were fortunate too, that just a couple of weeks after we were saved we had JWs and Mormons call on us – who we welcomed (ignorantly) into our home as fellow- believers! We knew nothing of the Bible or Christian doctrine but we knew we must compare what they told us with it. From then on we had a passion to reach out to people deceived by these cults and so I think that gave us a good grounding to soon spot stuff going astray in the churches we were involved in over the years.
        As this apostasy gets worse – as it surely will – it’s so good to find like- minded brothers and sisters here and I thank the Lord for His care of us – He is faithful ….

  3. midrashcreed says:

    Interesting, very interesting – ties in with my own observations.

  4. Josie says:

    My journey was similar to yours. Having attended catholic school from first grade through 12, it is amazing God sought me and saved me. When I read the new testament for the first time I felt like a liberated Jew. Yes, the false and counterfeit grew alongside the wheat. But where are we today, the millions who claimed the blood of Jesus seem dead and apathetic. I can’t find a healthy church to attend. What is happening? The falling away?

  5. Daniel says:

    So right Bill. What an observation! The recent worship act of Lou Engle is an outrage which defines well the position of a large part of the current evangelical world. The catholic church again, if not more than ever today, with its current sweet highly ecumenical Pope, is smothering Protestantism in an unprecedented manner. The worse part is that here again, it works unfortunately! The relentless flattering deception continues unashamed! May the Lord help the Christian to discern and see…

  6. Amanda says:

    Hi Bill, Here in Australia, there is a great moving or shifting from some churches for the exact reasons you have addressed here and many who I speak with have also noticed those making transitions. I’m not sure what the Lord is preparing us for but I do know most of those making changes are genuinely seeking Him and not bowing to the criticism. Praise God! With all that is going on I am so excited that Jesus is returning soon but this also comes with a sadness & urgency for the lost. May the Lord continue to bless you and your family.

  7. david parkins says:

    Cracking piece brother Bill. Within the Charismatic Movement, Christianity has become so radically redefined that it is completely unrecognisable as the faith once delivered to the saints; The Bible is now so dubiously interpreted & misapplied that it’s completely unrecognisable as God’s Word; orthodoxy is now so fluid that it’s completely unrecognisable as doctrine; the person & work of Jesus have been so maligned that He is completely unrecognisable as The Christ. It’s incredible that this happened, but more so that it has been allowed to happen. Had this been an attack that The Church was in the midst of defending itself against [as a body would fight any foreign infection], the current state of affairs would be partially understandable. However, as it stands, this wound is largely self-inflicted. It would seem that the devil has been telling The Church a lie very, very well & The Church has been telling the truth very, very badly.

  8. Excellent article I was saved in the Charismatic movement in 1973 and am still going strong today but only by the grace of God.. He brought me through in spite of all the rubbish that was about, but I believe that if you are truly saved and Spirit- filled God will keep you from falling away,
    Praise His Wonderful name.

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  10. mywordlikefire says:

    Reblogged this on My Word Like Fire.

  11. “But be sure of this, that if the head of the house had known at what time of the night the thief was coming, he would have been on the alert and would not have allowed his house to be broken into.” Matthew 24; 43
    Yes, the surrounding verses are about the Lord’s return, but somehow this verse fits exactly with what has happened in the church recently. This is the time of the great apostasy.

    A few items:
    I was saved in 1988 and baptized in the Holy Spirit. Gifts did not include tongues.
    This is still available to those who seek, and still active despite what false teachers claim.
    That time was a true revival, but there is always a counterfeit, and the enemy always attacks a work of God. What I find today is that many of those who believe in the operation of the Holy Spirit are into all forms of demonic activity (like mentioned above), or they don’t believe in the operation of the H.S. today at all and when I share my legitimate experience I get accused of false things, or people’s minds right away jump to the gift of tongues; which is not necessary for the baptism of the H.S., and the confusion expands. I have been heartsick to find a church like those described above with real devotion to God, and feel that I will not be able to experience this in a group until I get to heaven. Personally however, I have not allowed the current conditions to stop me. I do worship with passion and all of those things, but I stand out like a sore thumb when in church meetings. What grieves me most is the cavalier attitude. They stumble into church late, disturbingly fall over those in the pews who are already worshipping, and are distracted during the entire service by any number of things. God is nowhere near the focus of their minds and hearts. Instead of rejoicing in the Lord, there is such a mundanity of spirit as people just go through the motions. After the service their ‘real life’ starts again with their conversations turning to sports and other trivial matters regarding the things of the world, and that is when they seem to wake up and get excited. It truly breaks my heart and I have no fellowship with them.

    Thank you for this post, I truly enjoyed reading it along with the comments, and the ability to engage with the others of us out there.

    This ‘unity’ will get worse and the deception will absorb many into worshipping the antichrist.
    “And they overcame him because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the word of their testimony, and they did not love their life even when faced with death.” Rev. 12; 11

  12. CHRIS SAUNDERS says:

    Bill, does the “revival” in West Virginia High School seem a genuine one so far,
    Regards Chris.

  13. Pastor Randals, I like this post a lot – it’s full of insight and love. I’m a former Catholic who was saved in a Bible study on Ephesians, then almost went back to Rome when my Catholic Mom got involved in the Catholic Charismatic Renewal and I began attending meetings with her. Praise God that He prevented this!! Thank you for a wonderful post and discussion!

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