The War On Children…Gender pt 7

Take heed that ye despise not one of these little ones; for I say unto you, That in heaven their angels do always behold the face of my Father which is in heaven.(Matthew 18:10)

Then said he unto the disciples, It is impossible but that offences will come: but woe unto him, through whom they come! It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones.(Luke 17:1-2)

The world of pagan sexual anarchy that out blind leaders are intent on plunging us into, is a very harsh world for children, because the evil spirits that animate the movement, utterly hate the innocence of little ones.

The left has made war in the West on the very idea of being fruitful and multiplying as the Creator originally commanded the human race( and never revoked that command).We have shown in a previous article how the “birth control pill “ushered in the self centered sexual revolution, and liberated promiscuous men and women from the “burden” of possible fruitfulness in sexual activity.

Ultimately the Birth control ethos led directly to the unholy sacrament of abortion.(I am not being sarcastic, I believe Abortion is a religious act, it is an expression of Pagan leftism , one of the chief sacraments of the new worship of Moloch, now called “Choice”).

Thus we have developed a strange “Love/ Hate” relationship with children in this adulterous generation.

The hatred of children should be obvious, not only by the undying abortion industry, but also  by the lengths people will go to, not to concieve.Through birth control, even married people seek to control the number, timing and even the gender of the children they “Choose to have”.

I know a good many couples who thought they had it all planned out, they were going to spend x number of years as a couple, then after paying of this loan or attaining that degree, they would have two or at the most three children. But though the plan seemed sound enough humanly speaking,  by the time they ‘arrived” at that point, they found they couldn’t have children. They didn’t take it into account, that people aren’t rabbits. We can only conceive in the conditions God allows,because conception and birth belong to God.

The “Love” of children in this generation is also often skewed. This generation imagines that the few children they will allow themselves to have, are going to have a perfect life. There seems to be no middle ground between either preventing or outright killing children in the womb, or idolizing them, lavishing them with everything but real attention,(Both parents work), child is in the daycare as soon as possible, and pre-enrolled in preschool and in some cases pre-preschool!

Idolatry isn’t love. In the name of “unconditional love” children are often raised without limits set, their “Self esteem” is elevated, spankings for disobedience are verboten! Parents are taught never to criticize and constantly to praise their children. In our schools, everyone gets a prize in any competition, there can be no losers. Girls are taught to act like boys, and boys are literally drugged (Ritalin)from early age that they might be as compliant in class as the girls are.

That there is a war being waged on the innocence of children, there can be no doubt. Public schools which absolutely fail for the most part to teach reading, writing, arithmetic, and geography, are absolutely intent on imposing the philosophy of sexual anarchy on children as young as 5! Children are now being pressured by LGTB activists to question their own sexuality, and even to assume or experiment with different gender roles.

In a time where the nightmare of child abduction and/or sexual abuse by perverted adults saturated with legalized pornography( another left wing success) is a sober reality, access to public restrooms are now being opened for adults of either sexual ‘preference”. Why should any child be forced to think about sex at all?

Where is there a safe place for the littlest and least among us? Not even the womb, the classroom or the restroom is safe from the predations of this sick, paganistic culture.

The early teenaged and young adult years are difficult enough in normal times, without injecting sexual confusion, gender questioning and mingling it all with the concept of “Civil Rights”.

Sexual degenerates have been able to take advantage of the natural sense of fair play and sympathy for victims, that tender hearted young people have.

I think of the “Day of Silence” , in which Gay rights activists actually succeeded in making into an annual Jr High school and High school event. In the name of “solidarity” with bullied homosexuals, students participate on a vow of silence for one complete day. This is perversion of a holiday is diabolical on so many levels.

What student wouldn’t want something different to break up the doldrums of everyday school life? Who wouldn’t want to refuse to answer the teacher’s questions, in support of the bullied minority?

Another way it is diabolical, is that it stigmatizes bullying.(I am no advocate of bullying of course in the true sense). But this is a conditioning exercise, for it is natural to be repulsed by any perversion of sexuality, and who says it is good to force children to overcome this revulsion? What is bullying anyway? Is it bullying to maintain a belief that Homosexuality is wrong?

This is how war has been waged on children in the West.A very sophisticated kind of conditioning has occurred designed to alienate and shame anyone who is naturally reticent to approve of , sympathize with or participate in the confusion and perversion of “gender”.

We see the results in our Universities. Traditionally a University was a place where young people would be exposed to  differing views in the marketplace of ideas. Lately , students in places like Yale, the University of Missouri, Rutgers,  shout out distinguished visiting lecturers, who went to the trouble to come and speak, expecting at least a hearing.

A whole new vocabulary has emerged now which justifies the narrow minded prejudice of our leftist trained students, they are resisting  “micro aggressions”, “White Privilege”,and seeking to establish “Safe spaces” on campus where they will not have to so much as hear any dissenting viewpoint.

It is evident that the conditioning has had its effect, a good many of  our children have been successfully brainwashed. This too is a result of the paganization of the West, the hyper sexualization of our day has killed the innocence of those children unfortunate to be left on their own(or at some day care) in the care of schools or other state institutions. Not only are they “good little leftists”, unless there is some kind of intervention from above, they are on their way to Hell!

There is a generation that curseth their father, and doth not bless their mother.  There is a generation that are pure in their own eyes, and yet is not washed from their filthiness.  There is a generation, O how lofty are their eyes! and their eyelids are lifted up.  There is a generation, whose teeth are as swords, and their jaw teeth as knives, to devour the poor from off the earth, and the needy from among men.( Proverbs 30:12-14)

If there is any revival occurring in America ,I believe it is happening at this point, for a good number of Christians have determined that if at all possible they will not turn their children over to be raised by the Beast. They are the fulfillment of the last promise of the Old Testament, and in the line of the parents of Moses, Amram and Jochabed.

Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord: And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.(Malachi 4:5-6)


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4 Responses to The War On Children…Gender pt 7

  1. I really enjoy your posts!

    These blogs are the only places the sheep hear the truth nowadays (with few exceptions).

    Well, can I relate! First, I have seen the rebellion of the youth firsthand. Sorry, but the failure in the classroom of the students is no one’s fault but their own, they simply refuse to get an education by their rebellious natures. If a teacher tries to arm wrestle them, all you can do is send them to the office, to an administration that does not support teachers and simply sends the student back in, undisciplined and roudy as ever. So the revolving door goes on, and the failure. Teachers have the hardest job now and no one respects them anymore; not the student, not the parent, and not the principal either. Thus, there is a revolving door for teachers as well, and the turnover benefits no one but those in power who can keep teacher’s salaries at the lowest rungs due to the turnover, at the expense of all.

    And oh my! I can go on and on about those undisciplined kids, parents don’t punish them, train them, scold them, prune them, or raise them at all. They just spoil them and let them grow. It is a result of bad philosophy, irreverence for the ways of the Lord, and sheer laziness and selfishness. And again, all suffer. We can’t go out to eat anymore without having a family with young kids sit in the next booth, the kids start squealing, screaming, stomping, standing on the seat, bothering the next booth, running around the restaurant, etc., and the parents say nothing, but simply ignore it. We now ask for a quiet booth far away. If you get up and leave without even saying anything, the parents still have these offended looks on their faces, as if ‘they’ are the victims. It is preposterous! They are arrogant in the highest degree. The other day I was in a church service and as usual, they all stroll in late. I sat in a pew and a little later a man and his kid, about 5, entered and sat next to me. They were late. He did not send the boy to Sunday school as provided. The service was in progress and people were speaking and making announcements, sharing experiences at the pulpit that the congregation wanted to hear. But all you heard was the constant squawking of this 5 year old, asking his dad completely unimportant questions that could wait. And the dad? He said nothing, simply ignored it all, but replied with a few grunts. It went on for a good 10 minutes and kept getting louder. Everyone was annoyed. Finally people started shushing the boy. The boy quieted down. The dad had a look of insolence across his face. Why didn’t he raise his own son? Why did everyone else have to teach him the right thing to do? Was no one else important, only his son? This is the attitude I find everywhere now, and it is causing many problems in society! Shame on these absentee parents.

  2. About this gaystapo agenda, it is the script they will use to single out and persecute true Christians, as is already well underway. Their goads are words like ‘bigot’ ‘discriminate’ ‘hate speech’ ‘bully’ ‘intolerant’ ‘exclusive’ ‘extremist’ ‘radical’ ‘fundamentalist’ ‘______phobic’ ‘haters’ and so on, to manipulate people in and out of the categories they want them to be in. All the goads are pointed at true Christians who hold to the biblical Christian faith, and the standard of righteousness established by God Himself. All their slurs, all their slander, all their swords and weapons are aimed at us. We see this althroughout society in the West now, and it will only get worse. Now is the time to set your resolve in cement, to determine that you will not waiver on these matters, that you will remain steadfast in the ways of the Lord, despite all the pressure to conform to the contrary, to compromise, and despite all the winds of persecution that will blow. It is Orwellian ‘opposite speak’ of calling good evil and evil good, they discriminate but accuse us of it and all that sort of thing. But you must withstand it. You must bear up under the brunt of it. You must refuse them and remain loyal to Jesus no matter the cost. It is our cross to bear. Many in leadership positions in the visible ‘church’ are trying to steer the church in the gaystapo direction, you see it more all the time. The tide of temptation will be big, but those anchored and grounded in the Lord will resist. I see interesting parallels with what is going on now in that regard and nazi Germany, it makes for an interesting study.

    God bless you!

  3. Jerod says:

    Interesting. I wanted to write a blog post about pretty much the same thing.

    You’ve said it much better.

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