The United Nations is an End Times Player…Armeggedon pt 3

For, behold, in those days, and in that time, when I shall bring again the captivity of Judah and Jerusalem,I will also gather all nations, and will bring them down into the valley of Jehoshaphat, and will plead with them there for my people and for my heritage Israel, whom they have scattered among the nations, and parted my land.And they have cast lots for my people; and have given a boy for an harlot, and sold a girl for wine, that they might drink. (Joel 3:1-3)

This past week has been incredibly compelling from a biblical Prophecy perspective. So much that has happened in the wake of the 70th anniversary celebration of the United Nations.  All of the worlds prophetic heavy hitters were in attendance, and treated to the spectacle of the Pope of the Catholic Church, who opened his remarks to the assembly of the entire world, saying “I come in my own name…”.

See what Jesus, the true earthly representative of God said about such an introduction, in John 5 :43.”I come in the Father’s name and you receive me not. Another shall come in His own name, Him, you shall receive”. Predictably the false prophet didn’t mention Jesus, repentance or Salvation in anything he said to the congress of every nation on earth.

At the same General Assembly, we were then witness to Vladimir Putin’s compelling warning to the  “First World” nations, that their arrogant meddling in other nations can only create mayhem and war. I have to admit, Putin even touched my heart when he mournfully demanded of  Obama and the West to consider the wreckage and misery they have promoted in their “Arab Spring”,

“Do you realize what you have done?”.

Who knew that within a day. Putin himself would muscle into the Syrian crisis, bombing ISIS and Nato trained rebel armies , in defense of Bashir Assad?

Another speaker in line was the President of the Palestinian State Mahmoud Abbas, the planner of the 1972 slaughter of the Israeli Olympic team in Munich. This terrorist demanded full recognition of the Palestinian state, and raised the Palestinian flag at the U.N. to full applause.

Abbas, no doubt had been encouraged by the overtures of the Pope, who recognized the Palestinian State, ceded to them by partitioning the Land God granted forever to the children of Abraham,Isaac and Jacob. Earlier in the week, Abbas had incited violence against Jewish worshippers in Jerusalem, saying “We welcome every drop of blood shed in Jerusalem…”. The current Pope has awarded  Abbas with the “Angel of Peace award.

Another significant speech was given to the General Assembly, but many walked out in disgust before the speaker could commence. I refer to the speech of Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime minister of Israel. The speech was a passionate condemnation of the world’s tacit support of the Iranian regime’s quest for Nuclear Weapons, and an assurance that Israel would stand alone if it has to.

Ladies and gentlemen, Israel will never acquiesce to nuclear arms in the hands of a rogue regime that repeatedly promises to wipe us off the map. Against such a threat, Israel will have no choice but to defend itself.
I want there to be no confusion on this point. Israel will not allow Iran to get nuclear weapons. If Israel is forced to stand alone, Israel will stand alone. Yet, in standing alone, Israel will know that we will be defending many, many others. Netanyahu Address General Assembly

Truly from a prophetic standpoint, the events of the U.N.’s seventieth general assembly were of great import. The UN is an important player in the end times scenario. The Prophets saw the U.N. and placed them in the drama that is the last days Geo-Political situation.

The vision of Joel 3 is just one example of the prominence that the U.N. will play.

First of all note that this prophecy is given a time reference. “…in the time when I shall bring again the captivity of Judah and Jerusalem…”. Judah and Jerusalem were vacated by the nation of Israel in 70 AD as a judgment of God. The Jews were scattered from one end of the earth to the other, as Moses said they would be, to endure a long night of exile and suffering.

In May of 1948 an unprecedented event occurred. A nation that had been taken out of existence was re constituted in one day!  The nation of Israel was born again, and the “captivity of Judah and Jerusalem have been streaming back into the Holy Land ever since.

Secondly note the divine prediction, “ I will also gather all nations…”. The literal possibility for this aspect of the prophecy is only recent, for at no other time in human history has there been even a possibility for the “gathering of all nations” since the Tower of Babylon judgment.

All nations have indeed been assembled into a congress, the United nations which arose, like Israel, out of the aftermath of World War 2 in the late 1940’s. As Psalm 2 predicts,

“the kings of the earth and their rulers take counsel together against the LORD and His Christ”.

What you are seeing in the U.N. general Assemblies, is the gathering of “the Kings of the earth and their rulers”, as designated many places in the Bible.

Thirdly, concerns the  Valley of Jehoshaphat– “… and will bring them down into the valley of Jehoshaphat… “. The point is not that there is or isn’t an actual geographical valley of Jehoshaphat, the point is that the name Jehoshaphat is part of the prophesy. It means “Jahweh shall Judge”, ie God shall judge the nations of the earth.

It could also be a reminder of the story of the seige of Juda in the days of King Jehoshaphat, in which after repentance and a national day of prayer and fasting, the instruction was given not to fear the combined gentile armies of Ammonites, Moabites and Edomites.

This is the battle where Judah, at God’s command, marched the Priests out front of the army, with instruments instead of weapons, and Praising the goodness of the Lord ! the enemy turned upon itself and was routed.

Fourthly, God is going to Sue all of the nations in His Divine Court…

…and will plead with them there for my people and for my heritage Israel…” This is not a prediction that God will ask the nations to go easy on Israel. This is legal language, God is going to slap a lawsuit upon the Nations, he is serving an indictment, for this is the court of Divine justice!

The indictment has four counts, 1) they scattered God’s people, 2) they parted God’s land, 3)they cast lots for God’s people, 4) they sold out the children of Israel, for the hire of a harlot, and for wine.

* The first indictment is what they did to  “My people, whom they have scattered among the nations”-

The Nations of the world indeed scattered the children of Israel, thoroughly across the world, it is not unusual even to this day to find a tribe in remote China, India, or even black Africa, who keep kosher, and observe other practices of the Jews, though cut off for centuries from the rest of the world.

But one could argue that this was exactly what God told Israel would happen, should they prove faithless.

And I will scatter you among the heathen, and will draw out a sword after you: and your land shall be desolate, and your cities waste.(Leviticus 26:33)

So why is there an indictment on the nations of the world for doing exactly what God said they would do? We have to turn to Zechariah for the answer ,

And I am very sore displeased with the heathen that are at ease: for I was but a little displeased, and they helped forward the affliction.(Zechariah 1:15)

God is bringing suit against the nations because though He used them to scatter the children of Israel, and to afflict them, they have taken it further than He wanted.

The nations were “at ease” when holocausts and pogroms were occurring, it didn’t bother them. Hitler was offering shiploads of German Jews to any nation that would shelter them, but there were no takers.He then knew that his ‘final solution’ was possible to undertake without international interference.

All through the 1940’s into the 1990’s the word of the nations to Israel, in the midst of intifada and terror campaigns was “don’t rock the boat” and inflame the Arabs, give them “land for peace”so that oil prices would be stable.

The nations could overlook the Palestinian bombing and murder campaigns, the slaughter of children, women, Olympic athletes, etc., for they themselves were ‘at ease’. This is what is bringing upon the world the final judgment.

The Second Indictment- “They Parted My Land….” The Land that Abbas is demanding be recognized as a new sovereign State, called Palestine, does not belong to Him, or to the United States, Britain or the Papacy. Nor does it belong to the U.N. . The Land belongs to God to dispose of as He sees fit. God has chosen to give it to the seed of Abraham,Isaac and Jacob.Not even the Jews can dispose of it.

The land shall not be sold permanently, for the land is Mine; for you are strangers and sojourners with Me. (Leviticus 25:23)

Therefore for the nations of the world to deliberate at the UN, or in Rome or Washington or Cairo as to the disposal of the Holy Land and it’s borders, as if it were their’s to dispose of is arrogant presumption. This is called the “Controversy of Zion” and it will bring the world to the final judgment.

The third count is that the nations of the world have “cast lots” for God’s people. As we said earlier, now is the only time in history where this strange charge can even possibly be made.

Where do the Nations of the world meet together to “Cast Lots” for God’s people? There is indeed a congress of nations which casts lots regularly for God’s people, (among a few other things). I speak of the UN.

Interestingly, The UN is composed of 192 member states, 57 of which are Islamic, and virtually vote as a bloc. The member states are divided into several regional groupings of which turns are taken to serve on the UN security council.

Israel is the only state in the UN which is not put in a regional grouping, and thus which cannot serve on the UN human rights council! Libya has served on it!

Neither can Israel ever serve on the UN security council. In 2002 Syria was put on the US state dept list of terrorist states, yet in that same year Syria served on the security council.

The statistics are stunning, for example as of 2002,

* The Security Council had passed 175 total resolutions. 74 of these were neutral to Israel, 97 were against Israel, 4 went against perceived Arab interests.

*The U.N. General Assembly voted 7,938 times for Israel, but 55,642 times against her interests!

*The U.N. Security council(which Israel is barred from sitting on),has either “condemned”,”censured”, “deplored”, or “strongly deplored” Israel 49 times!

*The Security council has passed 131 resolutions, of which 43 were neutral. But 88 of them criticised or opposed Israel, and never an Arab state ,Arab body, nor even the PLO,which is the “father” of modern terrorism!

* The U.N. general assembly has passed 429 resolutions against Israel, and 56 against any Arab states. They have either “condemned”,”vigorously condemned”,”strongly condemned”,”deplored”,”strongly deplored”,”censured” or “denounced” Israel 321 times, and never the Arabs!

There is something dreadfully wrong here, this is more than bias and prejudice, it is satanic and will bring the world into Judgment!

Quoting best-selling author and Bible scholar Dave Hunt ,

“More than 60,000 Individual votes have been cast in the U.N. condemning Israel. Yet not once has the U.N. reprimanded those who have without provocation waged four wars of aggression against Israel with the declared intention of annihilating her. Nor have the terrorists been condemned by the U.N. In November 2003, Israel introduced its first request for a resolution since 1976, asking for a prohibition against Arab terrorists who deliberately target Israeli women and children. Its request was rejected and instead, the U.N. adopted a resolution demanding protection of Palestinian children from Israeli aggression. The U.N.’s adamant opposition to Israel and everything it does is in defiance of the God of Israel and His pledge to restore His people to their promised land.”(Dave Hunt, ‘The Battle For Jerusalem, Chapter 6 of ‘The Gathering Storm’, Mal Couch Gen Ed, 21st Century Press, Springfield, MO, 2005, p. 129]:)

U Think the discerning can see that the whole world is heading into a conflict, but not merely with each other, but with God…

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