The Dhimminitude of France…

If you continue in my Word, then you will be a disciple of mine, and you will know the Truth, and the Truth shall make you free”.John 8:32

One of the side effects of the turbulent events of the last twenty years, is that we in the West have been acquiring quite an expanded vocabulary, particularly of Arabic words.

For example we all now know what Jihad is, also Al Taqqiya, Jizya, Ayatollah, Imam, Mosque, the Shihad. We wouldn’t want to sign a Hudna,  but we are proud to be called a Kifir.If you aren’t careful some Imam will put a fatwa on you.

No one wants an intifada to break out in their neighborhood, nor would we want to welcome a Hijra.We currently live in the Dar Al Harb, and want to keep it that way, out from underneath Shariah, but terrorists, ( oops, I mean Mujahadin) are trying to turn the west into the Dar Al Salaam, by forcing us to say the SHihad.**

Here is a word many are becoming aware of, thanks to the efforts of a wonderful author named BAt’Yeor. The word is Dhimminitude.It comes from the days of rapid Muslim conquest and the problems of assimilation.

The problem arose when after slaughtering  as many of the Kafir as possible in a given nation, who was going to work to provide food, or to run the infrastructure of the conquered nation? Islamic warriors don’t do anything productive, they know how to break, but not how to build or farm or provide.

One of Mohammhed’s successors came up with a solution, the Dhimmi pact.

Muslims would allow subject people’s to live under their “Protection”as long as they realized that their very life was preserved at the mercy of their conquerors, and their attitude showed it, and they were willing to pay the Jizya tax, and allow themselves to live a life of humiliation.

Dhimminitude creates a certain mindset, a perpetual, unnatural brokenness. It is similar to Stockholm syndrome, so named after a hostage taking in Stockholm, in which the captured began to justify their captors, over their rescuers.

In a lecture recorded , called Beyond Munich, The Spirit of Eurasia, Bat Yeor reveals that the groundwork for Europe’s slow entombment into Islamic mayhem, was set about thirty years ago, particularly driven by France;

A wide-ranging policy was then first sketched out, a symbiosis of Europe with the Muslim Arab countries, that would endow Europe – and especially France, the project’s prime mover – with a weight and a prestige to rival that of the United States (2). This policy was undertaken quite discreetly, outside of official treaties, under the innocent-sounding name of the Euro-Arab Dialogue. An association of European parliamentarians from the European Economic Community (EEC) was created in 1974 in Paris: the Parliamentary Association for Euro-Arab Cooperation. It was entrusted with managing all of the aspects of Euro-Arab relations – financial, political, economic, cultural, and those pertaining to immigration. This organization functioned under the auspices of the European heads of government and their foreign ministers, working in close association with their Arab counterparts, and with the representatives of the European Commission, and the Arab League.”Beyond Munich-The Spirit Of Eurabia, Bat Yeor speech to the French Senate”

The terms, however, were firmly set by the Arabs,

The Arabs set the conditions for this association: 1) a European policy that would be independent from, and opposed to that of the United States; 2) the recognition by Europe of a “Palestinian people,” and the creation of a “Palestinian” state; 3) European support for the PLO; 4) the designation of Arafat as the sole and exclusive representative of that “Palestinian people”; 5) the de-legitimizing of the State of Israel, both historically and politically, its shrinking into non viable borders, and the Arabization of Jerusalem. From this sprang the hidden European war against Israel, through economic boycotts, and in some cases academic boycotts as well, through deliberate vilification, and the spreading of both anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism.”Ibid”

As with nearly everything else that is Islamic, Dhimminitude is  a diabolically inspired way to mass brainwash a people, a formerly strong people at that! It is psychological warfare, subversive, and menacing to the host nation, relentless in its demands, and incredibly deceptive.

It reminds me of a scene in the film, The Lord of the Rings, in which Theodin, the king of Rohan, a kingdom of knights, was reduced to a stuporous, slobbering , dying man, as his advisor, Grima Wormtongue, constantly whispered propaganda in his ear, slowly but surely dismantling the once valiant nation, hindering the warriors who would have defended it and decreeing, under the whisperings of his advisors, the destruction of his own nation.

Eventually he received something which looked like an exorcism, and was able to come to himself, barely in time to rally his nation to fight off the enemy which had insinuated itself.

The Koran literally tells Muslim conquerors to “Make the infidel fell humiliated”… Think of that when you read this portion of Bat Yeor’s lecture,

During the past three decades a considerable number of non-official agreements between the countries of the CEE (subsequently the EU) on the one hand, and the countries of the Arab League on the other, determined the evolution of Europe in its current political and cultural aspects. I will cite here only four of them: 1) it was understood that those Europeans who would be dealing with Arab immigrants would undergo special sensitivity training, in order to better appreciate their customs, their moeurs(sic); 2) the Arab immigrants would remain under the control and the laws of their countries of origin; 3) history textbooks in Europe would be rewritten by joint teams of European and Arab historians – naturally the Battles of Poitiers and Lepanto, or the Spanish Reconquista did not possess the same significance on both Mediterranean littorals; 4) the teaching of the Arabic language and of Arab and Islamic culture were to be taught, in the schools and universities of Europe, by Arab teachers experienced in teaching Europeans. Ibid

The French, and The EU have made a “Devil’s Bargain” and come under the spell of Dhimminitude, therefore the leaders are gladly submitting to their own demise. I wonder what these leaders got for betraying their own nations? Thirty Pieces of silver? Pray for the people of Europe, that they come out of their slumber and  repent of their Anti-Semitism, and be set free.


** Jihad– unrelenting warfare to force Submission to Islam                         Taqqiya– Islamic sanctioned lying for the advancement of Islam          Jizya– a heavy tax imposed upon non-Muslims in Muslim dominated areas, designed to hinder and even humiliate the infidel.               Ayatollah– a Shiite religious leader                                                                      The SHihad– The confession of faith for Muslims                                    Hudna– a deceptive, short termed, one way peace treaty, designed to give Muslims time to heal and re-arm.                                                                    KAfir– a non believer, an infidel, a second class citizen, a non human.       Fatwa– a religious ruling. Imams put a Fatwa on Salmon Rushdie when He wrote the novel The Satanic verses and he had to run for his Life, in England.                                                                                                               Intifada– violent uprising by Muslims, riots, street fights, vandalism and arson and of course, Murder.                                                                               Hijra– Immigration as a means of invasion,i.e. Europe.                                 Dar Al Harb– the house of War…Dar Al Salaam– house of peace(dominated by Islam).                                                                                 Shariah– Islamic Law….heavily weighted in favor of Islamic men.





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5 Responses to The Dhimminitude of France…

  1. Ella♡Rose says:

    Thank you for putting this up, Bill. God knows, how the world needs to open their eyes.

  2. Zaza says:

    Just heard an interview on Bannon House site which also brought forth significant aspect of the way all who are Islamic are compelled to support jihad by finance even if they are not willing to go on the militant offensive.

    I think the interview is worth hearing ….I think it is still available to no. Members there
    I am not a member so I only get to access what they put up for no members there for a brief time

    As usual I find Pastor Randells blog very important materials for everyone but especially Christians to read and take heed

    Just today I had a lengthy discussion with someone who has little interest in study of scripture regarding prophesy of end times siting that the world is not in a condition to accept one individual as antichrist

    I exhorted him to read all scripture to be equipped with the understanding of why this is important for believers to be able to contend for the faith within their own mind as well as to give an answer to those who ask about the hope we have
    So many reasons why study of all scripture is important now more than ever

    When those who claim Christ belittle the study of scripture and viewing the world conditions presently through the lens of the Word of God especially in terms of the endtimes there seems a sense of arrogance….but some who fear to FEAR which is how they perceive those who are urgent ….

    I somehow think that it is the profit mongers using end time alarm to gain from the fears among those who are not heeding the command to read….ALL scripture God breathed … all of it was Gods will for us to gain understanding of all things pertaining to life and godliness.
    So we are told to read and take heed

  3. Zaza says:

    That was supposed to be “Randels “…..sorry Bill

  4. Eliza says:

    Thank you Bill for sharing this, it explains so much and brings a chill to my soul when Obama, who was educated in the madrasa schools, has stated that the US should become more like Europe. He was visibly angry at the Congress coming against his plan to bring Syrian refugees into this country. The compassion of the country has been used as a Trojan horse to implement so many harmful policies and laws that have attacked the fabric of this country. May the Lord lead us and protect us. Amen!

  5. Eliza says:

    Reblogged this on holdingforthhisword and commented:
    Important history regarding the recent events in France. May Christ lead us as we stand fast for Him and may we pray for the well-being of our country, that God would keep this country from these terrorists despite the culpability of our nation before Him for the evil that abounds. Amen!

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