What I Wish that you knew in your heart… ( 7 simple things)

What would I say , if I was given a chance to totally communicate freely with everyone I have ever loved; My brothers, sisters, cousins, friends, acquaintances, former church members, even my enemies ? What would I say if I was given a chance to before I die to put into the barest form, what I long for you to realize?

What are my essentials?

I believe I should be succinct. I will give you seven things I hope you don’t die without knowing personally,

First of all; That Jesus died for us as a substitute, on the cross.

I used to look at the crucifix in front of the Czeck Catholic church I was brought up in, St Ludmila’s, and often pondered ‘ Why is He doing this?’ and ‘What should my reaction be to it? Am I to feel guilty? Am I to denounce the pleasures of life? ‘

It wasn’t until my 18th year that I commenced reading the scriptures, prayerfully, and found this gem of a revelation,

For he hath made him to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in him.( 2 Corinthians 5:21)

Secondly I wish you all knew that we must be born again at some time in our adult life, in order to be reconciled to God.

Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God. ( John 3:3)

Personally I had never heard of the term ‘Born Again’ until 1976 when Jimmy Carter ran for President. He was a self confessed ‘born again’ Christian. A couple of years later I saw the term when reading the third chapter of the Gospel of John.

What does it mean that Jesus tells us that we ‘must be born again’, in order to see and enter into the Kingdom of God?

Simply this, that we are not right with God as we are by natural birth, we are all fallen by nature and must receive the gift of God, at some point in our life as thinking and deciding persons. No one can do it for you, (infant baptism will not save you) the only way to be born again, is to believe on the Son of God, whom God sent to die for our sins.

Thirdly I would wish that everyone I know, or have ever known would realize that we are all heading for a Divine Judgment, either after we die, or at te end of all things.

God is good, and loving, but also He is Holy. There is coming for all of us day of reckoning, all of our sins, thoughts, Words and actions will be evaluated on that day, even the secrets of our hearts!

And I saw a great white throne, and him that sat on it, from whose face the earth and the heaven fled away; and there was found no place for them. And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God; and the books were opened: and another book was opened, which is the book of life: and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works. And the sea gave up the dead which were in it; and death and hell delivered up the dead which were in them: and they were judged every man according to their works. And death and hell were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death.

 And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire.( Rev 20:11-15)

The standard of that Judgment cannot be anything less than perfect Righteousness, complete conformity in each and every way to what is good, true and right.

Who can say they would be able to pass such a judgment? Who among us is righteous?

The fourth thing I would wish my friends knew, is that The Righteousness God demands, is also a gift He is willing to give to those who turn to him and believe…

This is the meaning of the cross of Jesus. He took our place in judgment, the prophet Isaiah proclaimed that, “The chastisement (punishment) that bought us peace has come upon Him, and with his stripes we are healed…”.

The logic of salvation is substitution, Jesus took our place and suffered our punishment as a sinner, to reconcile us to God.

Above all, Fifthly, I wish you all knew Jesus. Jesus is real, alive, and can be known and loved. He has risen from the dead, and is seated at the Right hand of God, but he is coming again.

Oh that you would come to know JESUS, the Savior and LORD, and the only mediator between God and man!

We know Jesus, he speaks to us through his Word, and has sent his Spirit to help us in our path. We have never seen Him but we love Him and await his second coming.

Sixthly I think you should know something about the World. The Bible has a lot to say about it, but let me clear up possible confusion. I am not speaking of the earth, nor am I even speaking of all of the people of the World.

The expression “the World” is a spiritual reference to human society as it organizes itself without God or without reference to or dependance on God. It is the Kingdom of man into which we were all born and bred.

The World is not going to be improved, it is under a Judgment, the sentence hasn’t been passed yet, but the World is under a cloud of Divine Judgment.

Man’s pride and independence from God is almost at it’s zenith, we can see it manifest in such things as the wanton slaughter of abortion, and the willful sexual anarchy expressed in open homosexuality and even transgender madness.

We are told that the time of the second coming will be very similar to the times such as before the flood of Noah and the destruction of Sodom and Gommorah. The new Ark is Jesus, those who enter into faith in Him will be lifted up out of the judgment about to break out.

Oh that people would fear God and remove themselves n Spirit from this mad, defiant, God rejecting World!

Finally I wish you knew that there is a heaven to gain and a hell to shun. There are only two options, there is no purgatory nor is their annihilation. We all bear the Image of God, thus we shall all last forever. Jesus loved you so much he came down from his place in heaven to die for your sins.

It is in the simplicity of believing into Jesus, what he did for us and who he is, and confessing him with your mouth, that you can be saved, forgiven, born again, and launched out into a new and beautiful life with Him. I did it when I was 19 years old, I asked Jesus to forgive me of my sins and to come into my heart, and take over my life. It is real dear friends, brothers, sisters, cousins, people I have met along the way…

Whosoever will call upon the Lord shall be Saved…” Romans 10:13

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28 Responses to What I Wish that you knew in your heart… ( 7 simple things)

  1. Onesimus says:

    HI Mark,
    So pleased to see you’re still seeking God and that your obsession with Him hasn’t decreased at all.

    Keep seeking and you WILL find Him.

  2. Esther Huddleston says:

    Just to clarify, could you please tell me why you stipulated we need to be born again in our adult life? I know of several people who were born again when they were children. Does that not count? Thank you.

    • billrandles says:

      What I wanted to communicate was that as a responsible self aware person,(not an infant) one must choose to accept Jesus

      On Wed, Feb 19, 2020 at 4:56 AM Pastor Bill Randles Blog wrote:


    • Onesimus says:

      Hi Mark,
      pleased to see your search for God continues, Keep it up and you’ll eventually find Him.
      Hopefully on the right side of life and death to enable you to make the choice to join to His kingdom through faith in Jesus.
      And by doing that you’ll have your very own direct line to Him.

  3. Mark Boggia says:

    As the great Christopher Hitchens said: “Never be a spectator on unfairness or studpidity”

    • Onesimus says:

      And now Hitchens is regretting his own stupidity.
      Hopefully you will find the God you are so clearly seeking before you find yourself having similar regrets.

      You don’t disbelieve – you’re scared of admitting the truth to yourself.

      Drop the bravado and pride.
      And turn from the fear that you try to cover with your flimsy veneer of “atheism”.

      • Onesimus says:

        You continue to argue against straw men of your own creation.
        Christians do not believe in a flat earth, or that the sun rotates around the earth.

        For your own sake, have the integrity to stop arguing from such a foolish position.

        I think Bill has shown extreme patience with you.

    • Onesimus says:

      Mark Boggia said:

      My feeling is that secretly it is you who deep down doesn’t believe it either

      if that was the case I’d spend time trolling atheist websites hoping to be convinced they had something of value to offer.

      Much like your regular visits here, looking for the God you know you’d like to worship.

      • Mark Boggia says:

        Dearest Tim,

        Perhaps you would like to share your position on the bible view of creation and then we can decide who has the best arguments and who is the more or less stupid of the two of us, sadly I think you’ll not take such a fixed position; your preference seems to be for sunsubstantiated throw away comments.

        Troll’s tend to be anonymous, I am not, but you are, I think we’ll let others decide who qualifies for that particualar acolade.

        I am here purely because of the actions of Pastor Bill and to stop the growth of hatred.

      • Onesimus says:

        My position on the Bible view of creation is that God created everything that is.
        That the universe didn’t just magically create itself out of nothing.

        You say you are here “to stop the growth of hatred” and yet your whole approach demonstrates a phobia and hatred of a God you claim doesn’t exist. Despite that claim you show a greater obsession with God than a lot of professing Christians.

        I’m no more anonymous than you are Mark.
        Commenting under a “real” name that may or may not be your own doesn’t make you less anonymous to everyone who reads this blog, and doesn’t lessen the fact that what you are doing is trolling.

  4. Onesimus says:

    Mark you said:

    Troll’s tend to be anonymous, I am not, but you are

    I replied:

    I’m no more anonymous than you are Mark

    In reality I’m far less anonymous than you are.
    I have a long running blog through which, over many years, I’ve made myself known and revealed more about myself than merely a “real” name.

    That’s not exactly being anonymous…

    Now what do we really know about you apart from your demonstrated obsession with a God you claim doesn’t exist?

    A little advise from scripture:

    If you seek Him, He will be found by you.

    Don’t be too afraid to do that.

    • Mark Boggia says:

      So Tim

      Who created your God?

      Please don’t tell me it just happened, as Then you would be arguing against yourself!

      Best Wishes


      • Onesimus says:

        Oh dear Mark.
        You’re not resorting to that infantile question?

        No one created God. He has ALWAYS existed. Unlike a physical creation like this universe, which science now accepts had a beginning, God has no beginning or end.

      • Mark Boggia says:

        science tells us the earth is 4.5 billion years old your religion and your pastor claim 6-8 thousand, please explain ?

      • Onesimus says:

        No need for me to explain.
        Several times you have mentioned my “religion” – but I don’t have one.

        And even if you mean the ” Christian Religion”, there is no all-encompassing solitary view defining the beliefs of all Christians.

        As to the reference to “your pastor” – I assume you mean Bill, who is not MY pastor.
        I call no man “pastor”, just as I call no man father, teacher, rabbi, or any other religious title. And I wouldn’t know what Bill believes about the age of the earth. My only connection to Bill is my occasional visit to this blog and maybe one or two emails we’ve exchanged.

        I have no problem accepting the earth being billions of years old and I have no doubt at all that it’s much older than 6-8000 years.
        The Bible itself says nothing about the age of the earth or the universe, but just as scientists now recognise, the Bible has been saying for millennia that the universe had a beginning.

        The Bible tells us how the universe and life on earth came to be out of nothing: by the creative will and power of God.
        Science contradicts itself and tells us it spontaneously appeared from nowhere and out of nothing and then arranged itself into order, populating this little insignificant planet with an incredible diversity of complex life forms, but somehow forgets to spread an abundant diversity of life elsewhere.

        But to avoid those obvious problems. science makes the presumption that the universe must be swarming with life – even though there’s been no real evidence yet of their being even the most simple lifeforms outside of earth (apart from the contamination spread by the space program such as leaving bags of human waste on the moon).

      • Mark Boggia says:

        So Tim

        You are rejecting the biblical view of creation that says the earth was created in 7 days and simultaneously saying science is wrong.

        As I thought you are now starting to argue against yourself, please continue


      • Onesimus says:

        I’m not arguing against myself.
        I’m arguing against one of those straw men you love to create,

        I don’t take an obviously poetic account revealing God as creator and look at it as if its a scientific treatise.

        The “7 day” account of creation has all the hallmarks of oral poetry passed down from generation to generation. The fact that some people take the account as a literal SIX day creation (sorry to be pedantic) is irrelevant. That is their issue not mine.

        You would be wise to stop avoiding the real issue. Put an end to your pathetic excuses and juvenile straw men arguments, and show enough guts to ask God to prove Himself to you.

  5. Mark Boggia says:

    Like I said 2-3 questions in and the veneer is exposed, your tyical retort “straw man arguments” masks your ignorance

    • Onesimus says:

      My ignorance?

      I actually know what the Bible says and what Christianity is about, something you clearly do not. So your arguments based on misrepresentations and presumptions about my beliefs make the flimsiness of your arguments far too obvious.

      Have the integrity to take the time to put REAL substance to what you say instead of projecting nonsensical beliefs onto me and then arguing against them.
      Maybe then you’ll be able to overcome your phobia, and take the risk of asking God to prove Himself to you.
      It’s a risk worth taking and it will free you pursue God in a more enlightened and productive way than your current faux “atheistic” bluster and bravado.

      • Mark Boggia says:

        In truth the converse is true, you claim to suggest I am seeking Christ when I’m truth I am not, you claim integrity yet hide behind anonymity, your stock response is a throw away comment not corroborated fact. Yet you accuse me of all of the above. lMAO

      • Onesimus says:

        I’ve pointed out before, I may use a pseudonym but there’s non anonymity in maintaining a blog in which I’ve openly shared my life and faith in some detail.

        As for the rest, you are clearly obsessed with Christ, whether you can admit it to yourself or not.
        Your “problem” is that you have people praying for you.

        That is why you can’t stay away and you feel compelled to keep coming here.

      • Mark Boggia says:


        More of the do as I say not as I do hypocrisy I’ve learnt to expect from Christians who seem to enjoy the false sense of authority that the solipsism of your faith provides you with.

        You are not more morale or capable or better than anyone else just because you’ve submitted to a false set of promises, your probably the poorer because of it.

        Enjoy your self righteous fear based approach to life ! I don’t need your God

      • Onesimus says:

        Actually my morale is quite high thanks to the love of God and HIs gift of salvation through Jesus

        But in a MORAL sense all of us are pathetic sinners following a destructive path that mankind was never intended to walk. That is until we turn to Jesus, who forgives us and cleanses us from the sin that’s destroying us. And He makes us fit for the purpose for which man was originally created: a life loving and being loved by our Creator.

        There is nothing “fear based” in Christianity in the sense that you use the word “fear”. You only see it that way because of your own phobia of God that makes you think you don’t need Him.

        But your frequent visits here show that even YOU don’t really believe you don’t need God.

      • Mark Boggia says:

        Dear Mr Anonymous Tim

        “To fear the lord is to love the lord” is effectively a definition of a sadomasochistic relationship.

        Is this the morality you are talking of ?

      • Onesimus says:

        Not sure where you got your “bible” quote from, but fear the LORD:

        The word “fear” is the translation from the Hebrew word (transliterated as) Yare’, the meaning of which is: “to stand in awe of, be awed ,to fear, reverence, honour, respect .

        Not to be confused with the kind of God phobia that you are suffering.

        It must be hard for you to have such a phobia and yet continually feel drawn here.
        Be assured, you won’t be able to escape because you have people praying for you.
        So stop resisting and have the guts to ask God to prove Himself to you.

      • Mark Boggia says:


        I just like putting shit on pastor bills blog

  6. Mark Boggia says:

    And spotteth twice they the camels before the third hour. And so the Midianites went forth to Ram Gilead in Kadesh Bilgemath by Shor Ethra Regalion, to the house of Gash-Bil-Betheul-Bazda, he who brought the butter dish to Balshazar and the tent peg to the house of Rashomon, and there slew they the goats, yea, and placed they the bits in little pots. Here endeth the lesson.

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