To My Friends At Moriel

To my dear family, especially those of you who follow Moriel ministries, or allow it to feed them. I am writing out of genuine concern, and I come as a friend and a brother.

Do you realize that you are about to come face to face with a real loyalty test?

I think I know what drew you to Moriel and to the influence of Jacob Prasch. I get the hunger for deeper and more substantial teaching, the appreciation for the Old Testament types and Shadows, as well as the boldness and aggression by which Jacob seemed to confront the compromised and Lukewarm ministry.

Jacob Prasch seemed to come out of the blue in the days of the “Toronto Blessing” and who was so bold in rebutting, exposing and in many cases mocking the heretics who were ruining the Pentecostal and Charismatic churches at the time (the 1990s). He had his flaws, (as all men do) but he was right at the time, when it came to the doctrines he was calling out.

Are you comfortable with the knowledge that Jacob has been drawing from the Kabbalah, to teach that the occult figure “the Metatron” is Jesus?

I know the rationalizations that are being offered, that Jacob is merely doing a sophisticated outreach to the Jews, teaching them that they themselves have entertained something of a theology of a plurality in the godhead. It sounds reasonable, and has sufficed so far to suppress the various complaints which I and others have raised about Jacob’s Metatron teaching.

These rationalizations of Jacob just cannot hold water. The Metatron is an Occult imagination, a literal AntiChrist figure, drawn from a body of literature which is designed to turn the Jewish people away from their true Messiah. Jacob, how could you resort to this?

Frank Rogers released this segment of Jacob actually teaching that Jesus is the Metatron! In the recording, Jacob is leading an altar call to the Metatron! He tells people that the Patriarch Jacob wrestled the Metatron, and cites the Zohar, saying the Angel of the LORD is the Metatron.

It is extremely painful to see Jacob try to find the Word “Metatron” in the text of the New Testament. This was a painful act of Self Justification and sophistry by Jacob. He knows that what He has taught about the Metatron has no connection to the text of the New Testament, but in order to justify himself, He went ahead and put a good many of you through it, distorting the text.

It grieves me to see Jacob go there, but what are you going to do about it?

My dear friends, many of whom I have known and walked with, this is your moment of Truth. Didn’t Jacob always say, “If I ever depart from the faith, get away from me!” ?

I know it is painful to recognize that someone we have respected very highly in the past, is in error, and that to follow him is to prop him up. REMEMBER THAT YOUR DEEPEST LOYALTY IS TO JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF, and not to Jacob or any other preacher.

Over the years I have seen Jacob “take up the sword” (as he describes it) against brothers that He once walked with whom He considered to be in error. Many of you appreciated that and applauded the fact that Jacob “Tells it like it is” and saw his aggression as boldness.

It pains me to say this but what I am telling you now, is “what is”. Jacob has gone into error and he only doubles down on his error. I encourage you to pray for him, and to check out the links I have given in this article.

There are no doubt going to be some very heavy ‘ad hominem’ attacks from Moriel, on me, Frank Rogers and Chris Roseborough. Please go through the links and at least educate yourself, don’t just dismiss this open letter. I do not write this out of anything but genuine love and brotherhood. I do not nor have I ever, wished anything but good for Jacob, but it is obvious that he is falling into the very pit that He has often thrown other people into.

It hurts to admit we are wrong but the scripture tells us, “Rebukes of instruction are the way of Life”, ( Proverbs 6:23) .Remember, your loyalty is to the Word of God, and not to any man.
Please be advised, Your friend, Pastor Bill

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  1. wvbalrog says:

    To be honest Pastor Bill, I find it odd that Jacob has “hired” an attack dog in the person of Servus Christi. I have never heard of a bible teacher doing such.

  2. John Eagan says:

    Thank you Pastor Bill , trust in the Lord , He know,s all thing,s I have learned to leave ministries i don,t agree with in the Lord,s hand,s Amos3:3 In times past i had to to leave Church,s and there ministries because of false teaching,s. Wouldn,t even listen to what i had to say . i have peace about it ,May you have peace in a very difficult circumstance , love in Christ Bro.John

  3. luvncrafts says:

    Interesting this was in my inbox today. I know very little about Jacob P. I had seen some videos by Servus Christi…I saw the recent mess between him and others…saw accusations flying on both sides. It has been very sad and confusing. I simply want to follow Christ, and look for people teaching the truth. When I think someone might me ok, I see another person calling them a heretic. Jacob called someone out, then I saw the accusation that he was teaching the Metatron. I was just looking into those accusations today. Then I saw this.
    I appreciate the attitude you take in this. I have seen so many nasty words thrown back and forth; it makes me wonder if how many of these people really know Jesus at all…such hateful spirits. It’s sad to see that it’s on the internet for unbelievers to see. 😔 Or new, believers.
    It’s so confusing out here today for all the sheep…so much that’s false. Some days I want to hide in a cave with my Bible and not listen to any teachers.
    I have enjoyed your blog. 🙂 It’s so hard though… I’ve seen accusations against you too Though I have not taken the time to read them… Who has time for all that? Thankfully, I know the word well enough to recognize obvious false teachings most of the time… sorry for the ramble….My heart is heavy over many things right now that I see in the “church”. Thank you for this warning….

  4. Linda MacIntire says:

    Bill? Isn’t that teaching from two years ago and Jacob addressed it then? And Frank talked about it then.
    I don’t understand why you are bringing it up again now? Jacob sure hasn’t said anything recently about it.
    I doubt you will get an ad hominem attack response from him. He is really busy and in a good place spiritually and seems content and at peace.
    Blessings, Linda

  5. James says:

    Pastor Bill, Have you reached out to Jacob on this issue and if you have what was his response?

  6. Carey says:

    For myself i am deeply saddened by this. I’ve seen the videos explaining the metatron being Jesus. Or the angel of the Lord, also being Jesus. To be honest i don’t really understand all of it. Jacobs ministry helped me in learning that the church i had been attending for several years is a word faith church. And i have been learning how to correctly read and study the Bible. But as you say, our loyalty must be to our Lord Jesus Christ first and foremost. So thank you pastor. Thank you for your willingness to call out what needs to be called out.
    Blessings to you and yours

  7. cakmandue says:

    I’m stunned. I’ve noticed small things like Jacob constantly saying that he doesn’t like to repeat himself because of those of us who haven’t heard the things he’s taught already. Referring us to one of his books. I’m concerned that he’s so unhealthy that he’s not thinking straight. I didn’t know about the Metatron. I’ll be praying for him. I’m praying for you, too. Hang in there. Your friend Carolyn Kessler

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      • carolyn says:

        I asked Jacob for clarification about the metatron and he did a video in reply.
        That one you tube video where Jacob is making an altar call to the metatron sounded weird to me and not his voice. I think it was a fraud.
        The other thing about that is that I understand Jacobs illustrations with the metatron paradigm. He seems to be using this to strike familiar ground with the Jews.
        David Nathan did a huge miss service to believers. He has shown his true colors in my opinion. Doesn’t the Lord tell us to “take things on the chin” rather than disputing about
        Who is right? Jacob, as the head of moriel, put him out of fellowship and suffered for doing what he thought was the right thing according to scripture.
        We’ve all suffered. This was not good for you or Jacob health wise. I see the toll and I appreciate your sacrifices.
        Please take care and know that my husband and I appreciate your teaching.
        It’s been a difficult year and we did better than survive. We learned something about ourselves individually from the Lord. It wasn’t a pretty sight for me personally to see my real self, but what better thing did I have to do?

      • billrandles says:

        I hear you sister,. God often deals with us in severe mercy- he loves us as a Father, thanks for caring and for wishing us well. God used that mess, definitely, God is good. Let me know if you want any CDs, Grace and Peace- Pas Bill

  8. tracehayter says:

    Thank you, Pastor Bill. I’m not that academic so the F4F video went over my head a bit but I get the gist of it. That aside, a simple search of the word ‘Metatron ‘ tells us all we need to know: “Metatron or Mattatron is an angel in Judeo-Islamic and Christian mysticist mythology mentioned in a few brief passages in the Aggadah and in mystical Kabbalistic texts within the Rabbinic literature. The name Metatron is not mentioned in the Torah and how the name originated is a matter of debate. Wikipedia”.
    I recently heard Jacob make a public apology to Jan Markell for his behaviour towards her. Unless he has an ulterior motive, I want to believe our Lord is softening his heart. I also want to believe that Jacobs brain is wired in a different way to many of us which could account for why he appears to lack impulse control at times and could also be a reason for why he perseverates. We MUST pray for Jacob. There is so much that is good in him and I’m truly sad and concerned that he is in error over this matter of the Metatron. It is, indeed, a serious issue. Thank you for your sensitive handling of this.

    • Cindy Asselborn says:

      I saw that apology. I was disappointed because he kept announcing that although he was sorry, they would never be friends. I just thought that negated his apology. They don’t have to rub shoulders with each other but we as believers are commanded to love one another. His statements did not seem like it loving in anyway. I have been stunned at the vitriol that he takes with people who promote Pre-Trib. We are all believers and we cannot cause division over such things. He is constantly attacking people because of PT. I pray he turns and repents. He is so harsh with people that I could not listen anymore. I am a bold person and I made allowances for his boldness but now I see it as brutal attacks, which in most cases leave people feeling pulverized. This should never be the way Christians treat each other. It makes me very sad because he was such a blessing to me in many ways. I loved his teaching on the Silver Trumpets. His talk on the Seven Churches was outstanding. Anyway, we are in the Last Days, let’s go out loving God and loving each other.

  9. Philip Snow says:

    WELL! JJP certainly has his problems, but can I at least point out that MESO seems to be MESA Anglicised?…….As in the [spurious, anti-Genesis Flood!] Geological term : “Mesozoic means “middle life”, deriving from the Greek prefix meso-/μεσο- for “between” and zōon/ζῷον meaning “animal” or “living being”.Mesozoic – Wikipedia. ………….And JJP has been teaching ‘Metatron’ is Yeshua for decades, yet is this dispute contemporary? He has certainty, disgracefully, called at least one other genuine Christian ‘antichrist’ [even if they were somewhat naive in defending a particular person if not his teachings]; and needs reigning in. And that’s one of the problems – he’s more or less a one-man band who regularly casts off and even trashes any co-workers – as our little fellowship knows first-hand [we merely professed an alternative reading of Daniel 9!] …..As for ‘THE Angel of the Lord’ being Yeshua, a Tanakh ‘Christophony’, that does sounds right, at least to non-scholars like me, although others can mistake Michael for the awesome burning, Revelation 1 like Yeshua – even though he is actually with The Angel in Daniel 10!?…..As an ex-JW, I know the problem…..

  10. deemar says:

    “FAITHFUL are the wounds of a friend, but deceitful are the kisses of the enemy.”

    You have certainly brought this up in the spirit of LOVE we are called to use as believers.
    I have not heard that spirit of love out of Jacob in years, which is why I have tuned him out.
    Just because he may have some truth to share in various regards doesn’t mean he should be followed as a teacher/leader. (The LORD used a donkey in the scriptures to speak – he can use anyone from time to time.) In fact, I heard our former heretical ‘pastor’ speak from his pulpit, telling his audience to “take your families and run for our lives from the “wolves” – he didn’t even realize he was speaking about himself! We took our families and ran. It was the voice of the LORD speaking through that wicked man. HIS VOICE is the One to be heeded.

    The LORD is faithful – always. Thank you for the reminder that we humans are capable of going “off track” and shipwrecking in our faith, taking others along with us. Tragic. All things MUST be tested, and our allegiance MUST be to JESUS/the WORD alone – or we will be deceived unto destruction. The scriptures warn and warn and warn us… for our GOOD and safety.

  11. Erin S. says:

    Pastor Bill, I appreciate you pointing this out. I followed Jacob’s Bible teachings for some years and posted many of them on my YouTube channel. I also post many of your sermons on my channel. But when Jacob begin displaying unrighteous anger towards others – and I do believe he had reason to be angry, but he did not handle these situations appropriately. Most especially when he first called you Judas – I stopped following his Bible teaching. It pains me very much that he never seems to have repented from his unrighteous anger and his attacks on you especially, when you tried to correct him in Christian brotherly love. As Christians we need to walk in humility, open to correction, and not walking in pride! As far as I can tell, Jacob has allowed pride to get a foothold in his life, and so I can no longer support his ministry. We can only pray for him. I hope one day he will listen to the loving rebukes of Brothers like you, who truly show the love of Jesus Christ to those in the Body. God bless you now and always, and please never stop preaching the word of God, because God is using you to feed and encourage his people in these last days. Much love to you in Christ, from Veruka (verukapsalm40verse2 on YouTube)

  12. Joan Janet Segar says:

    Thank you Bill, I pray more will take a stand and tell people the truth. you always use scripture as well. we know the L-rd is coming, so we need to reach out and win as many as we can, as that is our job. blessings and prayers to you and family. love joan

  13. Bill Saxton says:

    Dear Bro’ Bill, I have trusted you ever since that tearful day when you reached out to explain who Bickle and the KCPs were. So I’ll trust you in this. May God be gracious to all that are in error, and redirect their hearts and minds back to God’s word that is unchanging, and unchangeable. Jesus I know, Paul I know, but this Metatron I do not know, and can not find in the scriptures.

    • billrandles says:

      Thanks Bill, it has been quite a ride , right? Thanks for all of the support you have given us, you have no idea how encouraging that. Has been to us brother

  14. Francois says:

    Bill, I suppose you have seen Jacob’s latest reply to this. I’ve listened to a lot of your messages and I cannot think that you actually support Chris Rosebrough. I assume you used that video only as a reference.

  15. John Rowan says:

    Bill, I have to agree with Francois about Chris Rosebrough, being Lutheran, ecumenical through their JDDJ (Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification) with the RCC in 1999. As one member of the “Clouds without water” twins, he should rather pay attention to his own denominations’ error.

    Sadly, you do not warn anybody against Lutheran error.
    Similarly, you did not tell anybody in South Africa to leave David Nathin’s “Bread? of Life?” church? and that in spite of almost blasphemous heresy!

    I am sorry to say, but your double standards has, for me, especially after the last line, exposed your letter to be malicious, rather than ‘noble’.

    • billrandles says:

      Dear John, I respect your forthrightness and concern. First of all this isn’t about Chris Roseborough, this is about what Jacob Said and the fact that Chris Roseborough exposed it in the arena of Greek and Hebrew Scholarship. is a slick way to deflect criticism, the folly of Ad hominem. I am not promoting Lutheranism, nor was my burden to warn others of it. Either Roseborough is right in what he says of Jacob or wrong. Let Jacob refute it if h can.Furthermore I publican repudiated David Nathan in the strongest turns, and would think that in itself would be enough to let anyone who listens to me know to leave it. How would you know what I told anyone or didn’t tell anyone. My record is on the line for everyone to see. As for the last line, it was a sincere warning. Moriel has gone heroical and Jacob is misusing his many gifts, there is no malice in it.

    • billrandles says:

      John, thanks for your input. I have thought about it, and am compelled to reply to you.
      1) Chris Roseborough is not the point. I can quote him in his greek scholarship, and still disagree with his Liturgical approach, His millennialism, and even his Lutheranism.
      2) What He said about Jacob’s abuse of the greek to try to insert the “Metatron” into the text of scripture is true. I would love to see jacob refute it, but he is too pre-occupied with his usual ‘ad hominem’ attacks on his critics.
      3) How do you know whether or not I told people to leave Bread of life Ministries? I have been one of the most vociferous critiques of the false teaching of David Nathan, you are wrong in the assumption that I haven’t.

      As for the last line, it isn’t malicious, Jacob is in error, He is teaching kabbalah, shouldn’t we warn others? No double standard here, sir.,

  16. Cindy Asselborn says:

    Pastor Bill, I have listened to you for years. I found you through JP. I have been so blessed by many of his teachings but after awhile I could no longer take his complete bashing of people. Proverbs 6 says that the dividing of the brethern is an abomination. I have been guilty of this and it grieves me to see it in others. If I have to attack people to make my point, I don’t have much of an argument to begin with. Paul and Barnabas parted because of a disagreement but Paul did not continually write about Barnabas and how wrong he was. We are so close to the end of the Last Days that we should all stop this stupid fighting and learn to praise God. I am thankful for all the fellowship I can get. Jesus says in Matt 22 Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. and you neighbor as yourself. We must love people, especially God’s people. It can be hard but we need to try. Anyway, I have appreciated your ministry for years and I am sorry that I am just now telling you. Please do not allow Jacob’s harsh words to affect you walk with the LORD in a negative way. I love you for all you have done to encourage people to the LORD. I have not seen a harsh spirit in you and for that I am thankful. Endure until the end, MARANATHA!!!, Cindy

    • billrandles says:

      Thank you Cindy, I will take these words to heart, my wife and I were just discussing this moments before we recieved your kind letter.thanks for the encouragement,pas bill

  17. Tricia says:

    Dear Bill, I am praying for you. When reading your gracious letter and Jacob’s harsh response, I felt for you. Saying no more about that, but beyond (and above) that is the knowledge that at this time of history God is dealing with each one of us, with the intention of keeping us from the coming deception (number one) and raising up a refined group of genuine believers for the tasks ahead. (number two). Desperate days are coming! Perilous times. Let’s use these steps along the way – counting all as loss – to prepare, to become more faithful to God, to accept his calling and to make a pledge in our hearts to serve God alone.

  18. Fruit Tree says:

    Keep uplifting and encouraging. Teaching meat as well as milk is in short supply, sadly, so I hope you will press on, whatever slings and arrows come along. Let the squabblers squabble and may the Lord’s peace be with you, your family and your congregation.

  19. Darren Breeden says:

    Brother Bill, you sure hit the nail on the head that our loyalties should only be to Jesus Christ alone. All churches that have hosted itinerant speakers from within Moriel and from without must keep this in principle in mind. Otherwise issues like these could end up dividing churches who have hosted you both. Especially those involved with Moriel administration because they maybe forced to make that choice when push comes to shove. May the Lord grant the courage and single-mindedness to the brethren caught in any crossfire.

  20. John Rowan says:

    Bill, Please allow me a brief explanation of the way that I see the current situation between yourself, Moriel as well as other ‘discerning / exposing’ ministries developed or is being played out.
    For your reference, please study 2nd Chronicles 36, a chapter that I came to understand to be a principle example of the state of the land, the institution of ‘church’, the ‘people’ and the messangers and prophets of God.
    1) The kings defiled the land with the abomonations of the nations. – 2nd Chron. 36: 1-13
    2) The officials and priests defiled the temple with the abomonations of the nations. v. 14
    3) The Lord sent His messangers and prophets to warn – for
    4) The Lord had compassion on the people and His dwelling place. v. 15
    5) The wrath of the Lord arose against the people – until there was no more remedy!

    We are aware of what governments world wide are up to.
    We see the church leaders towing the government line, i.e. same sex marriages.
    God still has compassion on the people who are being deceived.

    Sadly, the ‘could-be’ messangers and prophets of the Lord, who find themselves all over the scale from Lutheranism, through Calvinism to Armenenism, all having a go at each other in a wrestling match in the mire.
    Your followers are dragged in to being the judges of the ‘mudslingers’; and the message of the compassion of God for the people is lost.
    I find no Jeremiah, who is speaking for the Lord. v. 13
    The life of Pentecost that the Lord has called us all to, and made available to all, is no where to be seen.
    We all, who follow the discerning ministries, started using the God given gift of the Holy Scriptures to defend our selfish position and to humiliate others.

    God cannot be plleased with any of this. I pray that you and I and your followers as well as those followers of Moriel, will stop, face the man in the mirror, and ask ourselves; what are we doing with the Gospel, the Glory of God in the face of Christ?

    God bless.

    • billrandles says:

      Dear brother John, thanks for your letter and for the kind spirit I perceive you to have written it in. I hate the conflict we currently find ourselves in, in the so called “remnant” church, who came out of “babylon” and sought a more substantial teaching and fellowship. Satan has been let loose, it is obvious to me. How to avoid the mire? Should I not make mention of the self destruction I have seen my friend(Jacob) descend into, Harshly criticizing and even abusing people such as the Menelaws? Wouldn’t silence be acquiescence? If I am in the mire, I feel my conscience has put me there, because I could not idly sit by and watch someone associated with me and our teaching abuse people the way Jacob has. Nor can I sit idly by while Jacob descends to teaching Kabbalah and introducing concepts such as the Metatron into the Christian church. I hate what is happening brother, but what are we to do? BTW I seek no “followers”. I would have men follow Jesus. Sorrowfully yours, Pas Bill

  21. I am currently in the middle of watching Jacob’s latest Moriel video ( a very long one) and he has addressed his ‘Metraton’ teaching , saying he used it to help Christians’ in their witnessing to Jews. This is quite legitimate I believe and I must confess I thought what he was being accused of sounded not right and very strange!
    I’m hopeful that he is mellowing in his approach to confront false teachings/teachers and have always prayed to that end because I always rejoice at any preacher who is not afraid to stand for and defend the faith. They are desperately needed in our times.
    Sometimes ‘politeness’ will not do , especially in this day and age when people can be over-sensitive and pc about everything. There is a difficult path to tread between being forthright in speech , but not pussy-footing around for fear of being thought un-loving etc. Jacob seems to be getting the balance right here.

  22. Kim says:

    Praise Jesus!His word never changes! Pastor Bill Randles keep following the Lord ,I love how the Lord uses you to share his word,you are a great teacher,I pray that the Lord may comfort your heart and that with enough time you and Jacob prasch may once again be friends,may the Lord guide you both and may Jesus Christ receive all the glory and may his sheep be protected from unsound doctrine.

  23. What happened to the article about Stuart and Deb Menelaws?
    Why did you remove it?

    • billrandles says:

      Do you mean when I stuck up for them? I took it down within a few
      Weeks of posting it because I thought it sufficient at the time and wanted to get my blog back on theology and prophesy. In no way was I revoking my sentiments, nor did I have any idea how doing so would be so misrepresented by so many. In retrospect I think I would have just left it up. The article is out there on
      Line somewhere, it is called “the Menelaws are my friends”

      • I was wanting to review it after my recent run in with a certain bully on line Deb had given me a little encouragement…I remembered you wrote something about them.

  24. David says:

    Dear Pastor Bill,
    God bless you. I am praying for you and for our brother Jacob. The flock should be spared this and many other things. Paul tells us to know those who work among us, to esteem them very highly in love for their works sake and to be at peace amongst ourselves. If these things sadden US, how much more must they grieve The Lord Who suffered and went to the cross for our sins. May He have mercy on us all.

    I know none of the real details but The Lord does and in my (almost) 40 years I have watched Him do what only He can do; wash away sin. I pray that there can be real repentance and real reconcilliation. I pray that those who are forgiven much will love much.

    God bless you, your family and your ministry.


  25. Phil Bird says:

    You still never posted my reply Bill. Can I ask why?

  26. Phil Bird says:

    You write out of “genuine concern”.
    “Jacob has been drawing from the Kabalah, to teach that the occult figure “the Metatron” is Jesus”. Really, if you are writing to people involved with another ministry and offering them a “loyalty test”, claiming he is, in fact a heretic, then your reasoning should be clearer. You owe that to the readers of your blog on the grounds of integrity. You need to source these accusations much more clearly.
    You wrote: “(Jacob) has sufficed so far to suppress the various complaints which I and others raised about Jacob’s Metatron teaching”. I heard this teaching first about 15 years ago, since which time you have shared many pulpits with Jacob. Why the sudden volte face?

    I would appreciate if you could lay such complaints to public scrutiny. Show clearly why people should listen to you and not to Jacob on this. You offer a barely a paragraph in this blog. I watched Jacob’s account of his teaching and also watched the teaching itself. I honestly do not know where you are coming from. Please could you post these complaints for public scrutiny. If your counsel to the sheep is to avoid this man your accompanying rationale must surely be more compelling than this.

    My understanding is simple, but by way of comparison you have often referred to the Roman Catholic Mary who is another Mary from the one found in Luke. Yet no one is twisting this to accuse you of invoking some heretical Mary. it is a starting point for evangelism to Roman Catholics. A Biblical figure who has been distorted and given an unbiblical connotation to fit their religius dogma. The point of contrast is self evidently clear from what you say, unless of course, it is twisted.

    This is what I find astonishing. You use as source material, the postings of Chris Rosebrough, and Frank Rogers to torpedo Jacob Prasch but the very errors these men are associated with when weighed against the beliefs you claim to profess are not even mentioned. Rather than warn readers to stay away from these men you actually encourage your readers to read, listen and heed them. Either Chris Rosebrough believes the Gospel you believe or he does not. From what I can see he clearly does not. I could in conscience point any other believer to the teaching of Christ Rosebrough from what I can see. Your position is astonishing
    Jacob Prasch exposed some serious errors promoted by these men, yet instead of providing your own source material you will use these men to attack Jacob – without addressing issues surrounding them which must be addressed if they are to remain credible sources. If this is not cleared up, then it could be squarely levelled against you that you are advising people to go to the teaching of someone who teaches false teaching to make a point about someone who you claim is teaching false teaching. It is a preposterous position for a shepherd of the flock to take. Why do you stand behind what others say to attack Mr Prasch, but give these men a pass?

    It could easily look much more like someone settling a score than a shepherd warning the sheep.
    Right at the outset I quoted you accusing Jacob of drawing from the Kabalah to teach the Metatron is Jesus. I listened and honestly could not find Jacob ever say that in the way you framed it. Please could you source that. His use of comparison and contrast that you employ was self evidently clear. He identifies the one in the midst of the throne recognised in Talmudic literature and then by way of contrast shows the real One in the midst of the throne who reveals himself as the Angel of the Lord in Scripture. I honestly do not see how this differs from how you use such as Mary to reach Roman Catholics, or compare the true Jesus from the false Jesus to reach Jehovah’s Witnesses.

    The singleness of your aim against Jacob Prasch is alarming. If the people you employ to highlight things about Jacob Prasch are weighed in the same scale with which you measure him they fare much worse and yet your silence on this is deafening by comparison.
    It is amazing to me that in all your spats with Jacob Prasch you end up coming down on the side of David Nathan, Chris Rosebrough, Justin Peters and Frank Rogers by default. Let the chips fall where they may. The chips in your ongoing saga with Mr Prasch continue to fall in depressingly predictable places.

    • Francois says:

      Go check out the Moriel 2009 Q3 newsletter. There is an article about the ‘Metatrone’ where Jacob makes statements like:

      “Yet the high priest is a mediator, but
      somehow he is not a good enough media-
      tor. What does it say in the book of He-
      brews? We have a more perfect high priest
      from a different order. It was Melchizedek
      (i.e., the Metatrone) – the only mediator
      between God and man; the middle pillar
      of the Godhead who preexisted, through
      whom God made the world and sustained
      it. God would answer prayers made in His
      name only; the government would be on
      His shoulders; the mystery of salvation is in
      Him. He is the Redeemer and the only me-
      diator between God and man. And Jews ask
      where do we Christians get this? The Zohar!”

      Wow, I thought we got it from the Bible?

      At the end of it he directly says the the Metatrone is Jesus and calls Jews to come to the ‘Metatrone’ (which Jacob calls Jesus). If the article is correct, then there are similarities between the ‘Metarone’ and Jesus, but what about all the other beliefs surrounding this figure as well as all the other things in the Zohar? I think what Jacob wanted to do was something like ‘the Quran also speaks about Jesus so believe in Him’, except their version of Him is not the same as ours.

      We don’t have to go to the Zohar / Talmud / Kabbalah to reach out to Jews, there are plenty of Old Testament (Torah) scriptures.

    • John Hayworth. says:

      Jacob states dogmatically that Jesus and Metatron are one and the same, even advising Jews to “Come to Metatron”! This is plainly false. Metatron shares some similarities to Jesus so it would be better to state that Metatron is a “TYPE” of Christ.

      Do you now see the problem with this doctrine?

  27. billrandles says:

    Dear Phil Thanks for your comments. I will try to reply as best as I can, but succinctly as well where possible.

    1)I am not offering a “Loyalty test” in the article, I am only saying, one is being thrust upon Moriel. Moriel has always been a “discernment ministry” and distinguished itself by boldly calling out false prophets and Apostles. But the Metatron teaching represents a direct challenge to that premise.

    2)Do I need to source the accusations of others? Here are some of them which deserve consideration,, and perhaps most devastating, in Jacob’s own Words, trying to cram the Metatron ” into the text of Revelation 5.

    3) Why the sudden about Face? I have known Jacob for more than twenty years and for a long time considered him a friend and colleague in ministry. I hear the Metatron teaching twenty years ago, and never even thought to question any of it. I actually found it intriguing and held Jacob in such esteem, I didn’t ever think to question it. Frankly I have though little of it until fairly recently, when I saw it being taught at Devore. when I realized that it came from Kabbalah and other Jewish mystical teachings, I realized how dangerous this teaching really is.

    4) With all due respect Phil, Your Mary analogy doesn’t work. Mary is a real Biblical figure, who played a hugely important role in Salvation history. Metatron is an occult imagination, concocted out of a book whose sole purpose is to turn the Jewish people away from their Messiah. This is what alarms me, and others.

    5 ) Ad Hominem against Chris Roseborough and Frank Rogers won’t work. It is a fallacy, and a dodge of the actual point. I can cite Chris Roseborough without being in support of his millennialism and Liturgical approach to worship, He still knows the Greek and destroyed Jacob’s sophistry. what is Jacob’s stock response? He can’t show where Roseborough’s greek grammar is wrong, so He attacks him as a man.

    Frank Rogers is orthodox as far as I know. I certainly wouldn’t go by Jacob’s description of other of these men.
    Both of these men do what Jacob has always been well known for, they are apologists and defend the faith.

    6) There is no “side” in this as far as I know. There is only the Truth of the gospel. This has nothing to do with David Nathan, who Jacob and I would both agree fell into error in the past. There are no sides per se.

    7) It is also folly to compare the men I cite, as if “they fare much worse”. we aren’t comparing sins here.God alone knows who will fare the worse, and we would all do well to cling to Him in humility and the fear of the LORD. Obviously we are coming into a season where what has been hidden is being revealed.

    I repeat, I do not wish anything but the best for JA Prasch, however our loyalty must be supremely to the WORD. There are no “spats” or “ongoing sagas” here, just a profound concern.

  28. Phil Bird says:


    Thanks for your reply. I appreciate it. There were a number of points in it which I felt did not represent what I wrote.

    You did, in fact, offer a loyalty test. It may not have been between Jacob and someone else in that sense. But the clear intent of your blog was that any follower of Moriel was “about to come face to face with a real loyalty test” asking whether they realised that and that test of loyalty to the Word of God was based on the very things you were alleging against Jacob. To emply semantics to question whether this was in the strictest sense “an offer” is to play with words. The clear sense and implication of your blog was clear. That credence paid to Jacob Prasch regarding Bible teaching was a compromise with regard to the Word of God – a serious accusation indeed. It was exactly what your blog did. To quote you directly:
    It grieves me to see Jacob go there, but what are you going to do about it?
    My dear friends, many of whom I have known and walked with, this is your moment of Truth. Didn’t Jacob always say, “If I ever depart from the faith, get away from me!” ?
    I know it is painful to recognize that someone we have respected very highly in the past, is in error, and that to follow him is to prop him up. REMEMBER THAT YOUR DEEPEST LOYALTY IS TO JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF, and not to Jacob or any other preacher.
    The point of your blog was clear. Any kind of fidelity paid to the teaching of Jacob Prasch was a departure from the Word of God and disloyal in that sense. Indeed your reply states plainly your consideration of Jacob as either a “false prophet” or “Apostle” saying “the metatron teaching represents a direct challenge to that premise”.
    We can argue about manner of words but that was the purpose. You sign off the blog:
    Remember, your loyalty is to the Word of God, and not to any man.
    The Mary analogy is apt. There is a Marian figure who is occult, distorted and completely alien to Scriptures. But Roman Catholics console themselves with passages of Scripture to buttress this figure. Then there is the Mary understood from a correct interpretation of Scriptures. Of course Mary is “a real Biblical figure”, but not the Roman Catholic Mary, and that is the point. In his classic, ”The Two Babylons”, Alexander Hislop goes out of his way to make this point. Likewise with the incarnate Word of God who reveals Himself in the Old Testament. The fact that the mysticism of Kabbalah has a distorted and occult figure who Rabbinic Jews misrepresent as being one in the midst of the throne contrasts with the real one in the midst of the throne who is Biblically consistent. The analogy is entirely apt for the purpose of comparison being drawn. Jacob Prasch goes out of his way to elucidate this point:

    You state:
    Frankly I have though little of it until fairly recently, when I saw it being taught at Devore. when I realized that it came from Kabbalah and other Jewish mystical teachings, I realized how dangerous this teaching really is.
    That is redundant. Jacob never hid where the Metatron came from. The evangelistic point being that this occult figure in Kabbalistic literature finds its true identity in the true Jewish literature of the Taanach – the Biblical Angel of the Lord. It is evangelistically sound in outreach to Jewish people in the way that a comparison by way of contrast of the Biblical Jesus to the cosmic Christ is valid in outreach to New Agers.
    Even the Gentile (as far as I am aware) Encylopedia Britannica states of the Metatron:
    Metatron, the greatest of angels in Jewish myths and legends. Metatron is not a figure of the Hebrew Bible, but his name appears briefly in several passages of the Talmud. His legends are predominantly found in mystical Kabbalistic texts.
    There you go Bill. That seals your point. Until you add the further point:
    He is commonly described as a celestial scribe recording the sins and merits of men, as a guardian of heavenly secrets, as God’s mediator with men, as the “lesser Yahweh,” as the archetype of man, and as one “whose name is like that of his master.” The latter appellation is based on Hebrew numerology: i.e., when the consonants that constitute the names Metatron and Shaddai (Almighty) are analyzed according to preassigned numerical values, each name totals 314.
    A completely occult figure. But an occult figure who, when reaching out to adherents of this belief, can be taken to point to the real One in the midst of the throne who is Biblically consistent and who is revealed in the Old Testament as the Angel of the Lord. An evangelistic tool used by Jacob in his outreach to Jews, which he has always maintained. Just in the way people like Roger Oakland take occult distortions and depictions of false religions to compare with the real Christ. But you know that.
    You say:
    Matatron is an occult imagination concocted from a book whose sole purpose is to turn Jewish people away from their Messiah.
    The Roman Catholic Mary is purposed to do just the same, turn Roman Catholics away from their Saviour. But you know that too.
    The person, even in this reply, who you source for me to go to in order to underscore your issue with Jacob in this regard is Chris Rosebrough. Goodness me. You even refer to Jacob as JA Prasch on the basis of what he has posted. That is as personal and as low as one could take it from one who before a reply has been made pre-empted ad hominem attacks on you, Frank Rogers and Chris Rosebrough. That is not befitting a Pastor.
    The number of beliefs Chris Rosebrough has which would depart from the Scriptures as you would claim to hold them are manifold. Yet there is not one warning against this man’s teachings. Rather there is an exhortation to heed him. You may respond by saying “but in this point he is right”. You do not afford Jacob that. That is not ad hominem. It is simply pointing out an uneven hand.
    You actually state:
    There is no “side” in this as far as I know.
    Yet you take one, even to the extent that you attribute to Jacob a name that this man says he has. That is the credence you give the false teacher Chris Rosebrough. You claim outright that Chris Rosebrough defends the faith. You call a false teacher a defender of the faith in the response to a blog in which you warn believers away from false teachers. How can you not see what you are writing?
    How can a reference to Jacob Prasch as JA Prasch on the basis of what Mr Rosebrough posts be considered anything other than a personal attack – the insinuation that his name is not his real name.
    You accuse me of “folly” by stating they are much worse. But that was the point of your blog. To keep people true by warning them away from what is not. It was a loyalty test, not to Jacob Prasch but to the Word of God.
    I did not compare sins. I simply underscored that false teaching is false teaching no matter whose lips it falls from, and if the standard of loyalty to the Word of God is to get away from what is false then how can you possibly point people to a man whose belief system is shot through with what you yourself do not believe on the grounds of Scripture?
    I would appreciate my reply on open dialogue and post my reply Bill.
    Phil Bird.

    • billrandles says:

      Hello Phil, I am not as fast at reply as many wish but always get around to it.
      You want to quibble about whether or not I made a loyalty test or did I just call on people to recognize one that is being thrust on them? Why? I think I just pointed out something that in effect is a loyalty test. I never tested anyone. I asked people how far would their teacher have to go? Is making altar calls to the Metatrone alright? How about proclaiming the Metatrone as the only mediator between God and man? Is preaching the Blood of the goat OK? I didn’t put people in that position, Jacob did.Jacob is the one who disingenuously tried to locate the Metatrone in the greek text of Revelation 5. Jacob is being far more reckless with the text than I ever remember him to be.

      It is absurd to say that because I refer to a scholarly discussion of the Greek text, by a man who happens to be some kind of a Lutheran, then my point an be rejected out of hand. There are Greek and Hebrew scholars who are Catholic, Jewish and even agnostic, that I have head Jacob and other esteemed people cite. people know that when on their particular subject of expertise, they are either right or wrong. If they ae wrong on their greek grammar, just prove it! You shouldn’t have to deconstruct who they are, nor should you assume that because I cited Roseborough, that I am now a proponent of amillenial, sacramental Lutheranism. Neither was i remiss in not “warning” people away from Roseborough’s particular theological aspects. I do not think the people in this conversation are in grave danger of being swept into Lutheranism, if I don’t warn them.

      Either roseborough’s treatment of the set is wrong or Jacob’s is wrong. What is so hard about that? Where is the refutation of Roseborough’s evaluation of Jacob’s assertion. Is Metatrone in the New Testament? Do you believe He is? Should we tell people to come to metatrone and pray to Him?

      As for Jacob’s name, I have known about that for quite some time, but bak no deal about it. I know other members of Jcob’s stateside family, and I will leave it at that. I have no desire to bring any of them into this.
      I an glad you seem to get the Loyalty test point I made. You are right, we must be loyal to the Word of God, and not to any teacher, me,Jacob or otherwise. The test part comes when we teachers seemingly stray away from the standard. James 3 tells us to ever be mindful of the condemnation we open ourselves to, upon entering the ministry. Jacob knows this well too, and has pretty thick skin.

    • Kristin Randles says:

      Why protest calling “Jacob” by his given name, it was good enough for his mother? She named him James Aloyisius Prasch. It is fine I guess, if someone wants to change their name but what about change the whole narrative of their life, telling everyone that he is Jewish, raised Jewish, “both dipped and clipped,” he preached, telling everyone he was half Jewish on his father’s side, only to find out it’s all been a lie. Thou shall not LIE, is the basics of our religion. Unfortunately, we know first hand JA Prasch doesn’t believe that commandment.
      All Chris Roseborough did in his investigation of JAPrasch, was just confirm what had already been told to us by his own family.

    • billrandles says:

      Phil Bird,
      Why protest calling “Jacob” by his given name, it was good enough for his mother? She named him James Aloyisius Prasch. It is fine I guess, if someone wants to change their name but what about change the whole narrative of their life, telling everyone that he is Jewish, raised Jewish, “both dipped and clipped,” he preached, telling everyone he was half Jewish on his father’s side, only to find out it’s all been a lie. Thou shall not LIE, is the basics of our religion. Unfortunately, we know first hand JA Prasch doesn’t believe that commandment.
      All Chris Roseborough did in his investigation of JAPrasch, was just confirm what had already been told to us by his own family.
      Kristin Randles

    • John Hayworth. says:

      The Gospel is clear, there is only ONE name under heaven given amongst men whereby we must be saved! Is that name “Metatron”? All That call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved! Is the name of the Lord “Metatron”?

      Who died on the Cross as an atonement for sin, Metatron? Show us from the scriptures, please, that these things are so.

      “But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed. As we said before, so say I now again, If any man preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have received, let him be accursed.”
      (Galatians 1:8-9)

  29. Hi Pastor Bill,
    Well done on calling out Prasch for his Metatron teaching and being the first I’m aware of to combat it back in 2019.
    A few days ago Doreen Virtue did an interview with a Hebrew Seminary Professor and an ex New Ager, and it was concluded the Metatron is a demon, yet it is that same figure who Prasch points people towards:

    • billrandles says:

      Thanks TB , May God continue to expose this charlaton

      • lindamacintyre498323781 says:

        Bill Randles. You are deplorable. You were never Jacob’s friend. Just a Judas. I’m thankful you are not in my brother’s life anymore. Maybe you will get a life of your own…if your boss, Kristin allows it.

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